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OndeSonore Tarantasca: postponed to 2021

Music Festival, to be held in 2021, has been postponed due to Covid-19 causes.

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It will be a sabbatical year, it will be a memorable year, it will be a big problem for everyone because Coronavirus has not only upset the globalized world but also our daily lives and traditions“. With these words OndeSonore communicates the postponement of the great Tarantasca Festival.

It is now a tradition and this year marks the 20th birthday of the Tarantasca Music Festival which was scheduled for the third weekend of July.

We wanted to blow on the candle of the twentieth edition” – explains the president Davide Nivello – “By organizing OndeSonore on Thursday 16th July 2020 a great live concert with a renowned and renowned artist“.

A very demanding event for the organizers, all volunteers who for years have been working to increase the level of the event more and more with a keen eye on charity projects in the area.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the pandemic forced the cancellation of the “OndeSonore Spring Edition” event at the Multipurpose Show in Tarantasca scheduled for March 21st last and then the postponement of the live concert with postponement to July 15 2021 with the same great artist.

The evenings of Friday 16th and Saturday 17th July 2020 hang in the balance, the association’s restricted council only reveals that in a few weeks the choice to confirm or cancel the OndeSonore 2020 edition will be assessed on the basis of the provisions that will be dictated by the government in on shows and events and on more or less appropriate conditions.

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