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Rodello Arte 2020

On Saturday 9th May the online exhibition “THE SACRED AND THE JOURNEY” starts.

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Per partecipare è quindi necessario iscriversi, inviando una mail a:


The Rodello Arte project, curated by the Diocesan Museum Foundation with the Colline e Culture association, the Santi Lorenzo e Teobaldo Foundation and the Municipality of Rodello, now in its fourth edition, intends to reflect in a concrete and dialogical way on the concept of sacred art, on his production and on the relationship between artists and clients.

Each edition of the project selects 10 national and international artists through a call, called to discuss two inspiring themes that vary every two years, the sacred and the earth for the first two editions (2017 and 2018) and the sacred and the journey for the 2019 and 2020 editions.

Each year the project selects, through a call, artists who are hosted for two days in the Langhe to live a residential experience with training meetings conducted by specialists. A full immersion with team building moments, guided tours and testimonials, led by trainers with multidisciplinary skills and approaches which took place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd February.

For this 4th edition, the promoters of the project have decided to remain faithful to the

initial program communicated in the selection call and to open the exhibition “The Sacred and the Journey” with a set of events that will take place ON LINE starting from Saturday 9 May.

At this particular moment museums and exhibitions are reinvented by communicating with the public through alternative tools therefore the exhibition will initially open its doors by presenting the works with webinairs, virtual meetings, direct social networks and continuing, when possible, with an inaugural party and the usual openings from the Immaculate Conception where the “Dedalo Montali” Museum of Modern and Religious Art is housed by the volunteers of the “Volunteers for Art” Association. The authorized guides will take care of the visits to the temporary exhibition “The Sacred and the Journey” and to the works of the artists (Morino, Ramella, Ruggeri, Sandri, Montali …) which in the sixties and seventies animated the village of Rodello with their creativity and art.

The virtual path in the exhibition will allow you to experience the works already set up in the context of the baroque church of the Immaculate Conception so as to show the pictorial works, sculptures and installations created in the past months by the artists selected for the edition of Rodello arte 2020: Astegiano Roberta , Barrera Sabrina, Caliendo Margherita, Crescioli Chiara, Larosa Nadia, Prelato Enrico, Raya Mara, Sanna Edi, Semeraro Francesca.

During the WEBINAIR the artists will directly present their works, making participants discover their inspirations, the artistic techniques and the materials used; to accompany their stories there will also be the organizers, supporters of the project, guests and the trainers who accompanied them in the training course held last February: Mons. Liborio Palmeri, director of Diart and of the diocesan Office for culture in Trapani; Dr. Roberto Canu, social psychologist and Sister Serena Munari, monastic Franciscan.

The meetings are open to all but subject to limited availability of seats for each meeting.

To participate, it is therefore necessary to register, by sending an email to:

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