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The Anima Festival changes: the Anfiteatro dell’Anima will become a great open-air cinema

The Anfiteatro dell’Anima on the Cervere hill will attract the public even in the summer of the health emergency, thanks to the new project by the brothers Ivan and Natascia Chiarlo.

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The cinema will become the protagonist, thanks to a maxi screen that will be mounted on the stage dominated by the sculpture Anima by Germana Eucalipto.

In an infinite space like the Anfiteatro dell’Anima, all the first regulatory provisions for the management of events according to the dictates set by Covid-19 apply“, explain Ivan Chiarlo and the engineer Gabriele Angaramo who is entrusted with the design of the new reception of the open air theatre that the Chiarlo brothers created on the family lands and which was inaugurated, in 2015, by the concert of the singer Noa, after the cutting of the tape by the maestro Uto Ughi.

Since then, the Greek-modelled theatre has been invaded by spectators every summer: the stalls can accommodate over 3,500 and the large parking areas have no problem with capacity for cars. “Today these dimensions are a great resource because they allow us to respond to people’s need to be together and to spend pleasant moments, in full compliance with the decrees”, add the Chiarlo brothers who are redesigning new possible scenarios by simplifying activities with a net reduction in the public.

The idea is to create a large outdoor room where 500 people can sit with tables every two spectators at a distance of at least one meter, for the catering service that will be conducted exclusively by waiters, in order to avoid any gathering.

The room programs can be varied: film screenings, chamber concerts performed by small ensembles, meetings with writers, journalists, filmmakers, show business characters.

At the same time, the construction of a large drive-in cinema is being studied in the parking area, on the basis of those who raged in America in the 1950s. Also in this case, service with waiters among the cars, which will ensure the possibility of accompanying the screening with street food. The debut of the new dress of the Soul Amphitheatre is scheduled for June.

Maestro Ivan Chiarlo concludes: “The naturalness of the Anfiteatro dell’Anima¬† allows us to be ready for change and to anticipate it. The essential to be able to operate was given to us by nature and by a project started several years ago by an engineer and two musicians. Outdoor cinema, minor shows and gatherings for debates and meetings are within the reach of the structure that is adapting. The new summer schedule will be announced shortly.

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