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MuseumWeek with the museums of Saluzzo

The Saluzzo museums are also taking part in the MuseumWeek initiative this year, the first international cultural festival dedicated to institutions on social media.

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Now in its seventh edition, MuseumWeek has always taken place entirely on social media. In the current context, this method is the only one possible for the many initiatives in support of culture.

MuseumWeek takes place in the week from 11th to 17th May and has as its theme union, solidarity (#togetherness). Every day the theme is declined in more specific topics marked by a hashtag, to represent museums and the relationship with the community and the environment.

The topics are: heroes, those who are facing this crisis (#heroesMW), culture in quarantine (#CultureInQuarantineMW), being “together” (# togetherMW), memories at the museum (#MuseumMomentsMW), climate change and nature (#climateMW), technology in museums (#technologyMW) and finally dreams for the near future with the hashtag #dreamsMW.
Museums offer social content for every single day but above all invite everyone to participate.

This year, in keeping with the theme and continuing what has already started in this period of closure to the public, the museums of Saluzzo share the initiative with the Soleri Bertoni Institute. Since mid-April, girls and boys from the Artistic Lyceum have been promoting art first hand, reproducing living works that are animating the social profiles of the educational institution.
The museums of Saluzzo, with CoopCulture, have asked to be able to share these works. In the last week of April @museidisaluzzo proposed a daily story dedicated to marking the time of the quarantine day with three events linked to the territory: in the morning the recipes of the Saluzzo chef Nino Bergese, in the afternoon the lessons of Occitan and in the evening the art with the living paintings of the girls and boys of the Soleri Bertoni Institute.

Another cultural initiative in the area is the IGAV contest for Start 2020. It is called #iorestoinarteSaluzzo and is aimed at children and teenagers asking them to express themselves in art with drawings, paintings, videos or music on the theme of Freedom. The works will be shared on social networks [for more information ➡️].

Even these contents can make up the Museumweek of Saluzzo because as we read among the motivations of the festival “the power of culture, art and ideas is to make us united“.

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