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What scenarios for cultural tourism in Vermenagna-Roya?

The Municipality of Borgo San Dalmazzo, leader of the ALCOTRA Vermenagna-Roya project – Our heritage and your tourism, organizes a cycle of three cross-border events entitled Cultural heritage and tourism: needs, visions, perspectives and challenges for the cross-border territory of the valleys Vermenagna and Roya.

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The meetings are open to institutions, cultural operators and other subjects in the cultural sector, tour operators, subjects responsible for promoting and informing tourism, local administrations and territorial bodies of the project territory and will be an opportunity to present the result of a work done in recent months, inherent in the needs and challenges for the promotion of the cultural heritage of the Vermenagna – Roya area.

Following the restrictions imposed by the ongoing health emergency, the appointments will be held in webinar mode, with translation from Italian to French or vice versa depending on the language of the speaker, using the Zoom platform: please confirm your presence by May 13th, 2020.

The webinars will be an opportunity to present the results of the animation work carried out in the past months: thanks to a series of meetings with administrators, cultural operators and tour operators in the area, led by the ITUR company, attention has been focused on the need to building effective synergies between the various subjects of the local system for the creation of a truly effective integrated tourist offer. The ideas gathered in those meetings were, together with the analysis of the two valleys and their tourist-cultural reality, the basis for subsequent reflections that led to the drafting of a “Masterplan” for the development of cultural tourism in the Vermenagna and Roya Valleys. The tourist Masterplan is one of the main actions foreseen within the ALCOTRA Vermenagna-Roya project – Our heritage and your tourism and aims to delocalize and seasonally adjust the flows, promoting the identity of the two valleys, creating an offer that tells the territory in a unique and cross-border way and making available to tourists the small and large treasures that are found there.

In the first webinar, Monday 18th May at 4.30-6 pm, the attention will be focused on the overall results of the Vermenagna-Roya project and on the path proposed by the Masterplan to structure an integrated tourist offer and build a tourist destination: three scenarios will be outlined development, according to three strategic strands, emphasizing the priority actions for the realization of each.

In the second and third meeting, with the aim of stimulating the realization of the ideas of tourism development suggested, some Italian and French success stories will be proposed and compared: on Monday 25th May, Fondazione Cariplo, which supported the Cultural Districts project, will present how Valtellina, Val Camonica and Savoy have built an important tourist offer focused on the combination of nature / culture, while Thursday 28th May, after some methodological and practical ideas, suggested by the Ideazione company, on the construction of networks between the subjects of the system local tourism, we will enter the merit of tourism for families, with the experiences of Baby Hills, in the Piedmontese territories of Langhe, Monferrato, Novarese and Roero and Pluf !, a cross-border reality at the foot of Monviso.



Monday 18th May, 4.30-6 pm.

Presentation of the results of the Vermenagna – Roya project, our heritage your tourism and the Masterplan for the development of cultural tourism Interventions:

Roberta Robbione, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Borgo San Dalmazzo

Cristiana Taricco, project manager of the project

Presentation of the project and operational tools available to operators

Silvia Cresto Dina (for ITUR)

Presentation of the Masterplan for the development of cultural tourism and strategic scenarios


Monday 25th May, 4.30-6 pm.

Building the integrated tourist offer Vermenagna – Roya: systematizing the offer of cultural goods and linking it to the outdoor offer Introduction by Silvia Cresto Dina (for ITUR)

First scenario of the Masterplan – The development of the cultural trend in synergy with the outdoor product


Lorenza Gazzerro (Art and Culture Area – Cariplo Foundation)

Experiences of territorial development based on culture: the project Cultural districts in Lombardy and some cases of enhancement of cultural and natural resources

Michel Dietlin (director of the Pôle développement touristique Agate)

Cultural tourism: experiences in Savoy


Thursday 28th May, 4.30-6 pm.

A family-friendly tourist destination: the creation of networks between the various subjects of the tourism system Introduction by Silvia Cresto Dina (for ITUR)

Second scenario of the Masterplan – The development of the tourism line for families and the creation of networks between the various stakeholders


Enrico Ferrero (Ideazione srl)

Building a tourist destination: the importance of networking

Mauro Carbone (Alba Bra Langhe Roero Tourism Board Director)

The Baby’s Hills project

Gabriella Brun and Davide Rossi (for Unione Montana Valle Varaita)

Pluf !: a sarvanòt who teases family tourism in the Monviso valleys – The experience of a cross-border project.

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