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Bra, the remote Museum: educational videos by the “Craveri” available to schools

Discovering the Museum thanks to the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra.

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The Bra civic museums are still closed to the public due to the Covid-19 health emergency, but the activity of promoting culture and disseminating content does not stop. For years the Civic Museum of Natural History “Craveri” in Bra has been carrying out educational activities aimed at schools of all levels. Given the forced stop of these months and with a view to expanding the service offered, the museum has activated a series of proposals available for free online, addressed to schools and dedicated to kindergarten, primary and secondary school pupils.

Teaching cards, films, presentations and other material will be made available to teachers who request them as support for lessons and distance learning. It will be a way to stay close even if distant, keeping the collaboration relationship and scientific support alive to the classes unable to take part in the workshops and activities in the area.

Educational materials are available (on request at the email: or at number 328.6619330) about: “The Life of the Bees” (Nursery and primary school); “The Birds of Braidese and scientific ringing” (kindergarten and primary school); “The life of the butterfly” (kindergarten and primary school); “Geological evolution of the Braidese” (primary and secondary school); “Seed germination” (kindergarten and primary school); “The solar system” (primary and secondary school); “Virtual journey to discover the trees of the Zizzola Park” (primary school); “The evolution of life on Earth” (primary and secondary school); “Principles of organic horticulture” (primary school and secondary school); “Federico Craveri: journey to the origins of the Natural History Museum of Bra” (primary and secondary school). At the request of teachers, materials on further topics are also available.

Educational videos about the “Craveri” Museum are available to all citizens on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra, at the address:

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