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Food&Wine Tourism Forum 2020 – Online edition


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Tuesday 12th May – 11 am

“Sustainability at the centre”

A different tourism as a choice and as a vision: policies, good practices and concrete initiatives.

Alessandra Priante, director of Europe UNWTO (the United Nations agency that deals with tourism)

Michil Costa, hotel entrepreneur, president of the Marathon of the Dolomites

Topics addressed:

We will talk about “Sustainability“, a theme intimately connected to gastronomic tourism which, by its nature, lives on the close link between products, territory, people and travel.

It is time to stop and reflect on the future, on the vision of tourism that we are called to re-imagine and redesign. This crisis accelerates the urgency of clear choices in strategy and consequent concrete actions in the only, in our opinion, possible direction. The speakers will also provide us with an international framework on Tourism and the 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), with the aim of combining a sustainable approach and profitability through the creation of new ways of doing business.

The conferences and webinars are open to all and visible on the website and on Facebook.

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