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Saluzzo: The innovative AVR 360 Preview of the anthological exhibition on Herald Cavallera can be visited online

Autorivari project pending the inauguration of the anthology “Sailing the waves of time” in Castiglia di Saluzzo.

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Admission is free, the opening hours are unlimited. For more information contact the numbers 339/5422511, 0175/46710, 0175/43527, or write to,,


Waiting to inaugurate in the exhibition spaces of Castiglia di Saluzzo “Solcando le onde del tempo”, an anthological exhibition dedicated to the artist Araldo Cavallera that the Municipality of Saluzzo and the Amleto Bertoni Foundation have postponed from spring to summer due to the measures introduced for prevent the spread of Coronavirus, thanks to Autorivari can be visited today – Friday 8TH May, ed – the AVR 360 Preview of the exhibition that Saluzzo dedicates to one of its most illustrious artists. The unprecedented and innovative virtual tour that anticipates some of the anthological contents, starts from the home page of the website of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation, which can be reached at

The original project was born from an idea-proposal of the associated study Autorivari which, in order to fill the long waiting times that separate from the cutting of the ribbon, decided to decline the anthological exhibition in a new virtual exhibition format called AVR 360, acronym for Autorivari Virtual Reality at 360 degrees. Referring to the 360 ​​° photo and video technology, thanks to Anna Cavallera’s precious collaboration and critical-artistic supervision, four exhibited rooms in Castile that will host the exhibition have been virtually reconstructed faithfully to the original. . The selection of exhibited works was therefore enriched by numerous supplementary multimedia contents, enhanced by video clips made in collaboration with the three curators, Ida Isoardi, Angelo Mistrangelo and Giuseppe Biasutti. The added value of the final result lies in the fact that everything was made completely in “quarantine”, without being able to access Castile and the artist’s works, meet the curators and collaborators, shoot and complementary images.

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