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Food&Wine Tourism Forum 2020 – Online edition

Prossimo appuntamento con i webinar: Venerdì 15 maggio ore 11.

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“The video that unites, and makes you dream”

Fabrizio Ulisse, video marketing teacher. Co-founder of Vudio, an agency that lives at the intersection between the production of video content and digital marketing strategies.

In the era of covid 19, video became the main content for staying united and for traveling with the eyes and the heart. Almost all of us have made at least one video call, one video conference, one video to share, many have made more structured videos but also many streaming.

In this webinar you will learn how to exploit these new technologies and skills with new ideas and free or low cost media to create engaging content.

The conferences and webinars are open to all and visible on the website and on Facebook.

During the conference it will be possible to ask questions to the speakers.

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