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“C’è Fermento”: new project for 2020

The eleventh edition of the festival dedicated to quality craft beer moves to December with a new appointment.

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Per info: Fondazione Amleto Bertoni, piazza Montebello 1, Saluzzo Tel. 0175-43527 Cell. 346-9499587


“C’è Fermento”, the craft beer exhibition does not stop and relaunches with a new appointment scheduled for December 2020, always focused on quality beer, simultaneously announcing the dates of next year, from 17th to 20th June 2021.

Given the impossibility of realizing the traditional summer edition (scheduled from 18th to 2st1 June), the Amleto Bertoni Foundation has decided to start a new project for the winter period.

It will be a mini salon dedicated to Christmas beers and local breweries, in which to deepen the knowledge of the craft beer world and make an alternative, tasty and km 0 Christmas shopping.

The review will also be an opportunity to enhance the fascinating ancient stables of Saluzzo, recently recovered, and announce the dates of the 2021 edition, as well as the awaited selection of the breweries and kitchens that will participate.

The appointment will be included in the Christmas calendar in Saluzzo and will see collaboration with the markets of Saluzzo and Castellar as well as other local events that, like every year, accompany the public to the sweetest party.

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