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Ferragosto 2020 concert: Borgna proposes the Bossea Caves

Summer is approaching and we return to talk about Ferragosto Concert which this year reaches its 40th edition.

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Taking into account the restrictions related to the ongoing health emergency and the limited time for organizing the event, the President of the Province Federico Borgna launched his proposal, also to prevent the event, born in the Granda and growing so much from conquering the live Rai at lunchtime on August 15th may be replaced by other initiatives.

Borgna: “Personally I believe that the Bossea Caves can represent the right place, as an evocative and characteristic site of our territory, suitable to host this year’s edition which, forcibly, will be free of spectators on site and for which any additional operating precautions should be defined with those responsible for the musical performance, if deemed appropriate ”.

The proposal was sent to the Control Room in order to make a final choice. The orchestra “Bruni” of Cuneo is part of it, from whose director Giovanni Mosca the initiative started, immediately supported by the Province of Cuneo, the Piedmont Region, the RAI editorial staff of Turin, the CRC and CRT banking foundations, the Chamber of trade in Cuneo and the Atl Cuneo.

The concert could take place with a reduced staff and with a social distancing, without public or with limited attendance. The aim is to keep it in the Granda anyway to reiterate the artistic and cultural significance of a much loved event.

A fixed appointment for four decades, in addition to attracting thousands of music and nature enthusiasts to the mountains, it represents an important vehicle for tourism promotion for the territory and the valleys of the Cuneo area thanks to the direct Rai. The 2019 edition gathered twenty thousand spectators in the Vallone di San Lorenzo, in Limonetto, over two million people followed the live broadcast of Rai and there are countless views on social media.

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