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“Young Talks”: young people from Bra interview Carlo Greppi

Appuntamento per venerdì 22 maggio sul canale Instagram @youngtalks_

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Appointment for Friday 22nd May on the Instagram channel @youngtalks_


The limitations imposed by the fight against Covid 19 do not stop the initiatives of the Municipality of Bra in favor of young people. The latest project in order of time, started by the Youth Policies Office in collaboration with the municipal council of the same name and with the Lunetica social cooperative, called “Young Talks” and aims to offer a space within which young people can share ideas and create content capable of stimulate everyone’s curiosity. Attention is focused on social media networks, which represent one of the most used tools of information from young people and in this case useful means to overcome the impossibility of finding ourselves all together in a  physical space.

The appointment is on Friday 22nd May 2020 at 4.30 pm, when on the Instagram page @youngtalks, children participating in the initiative will interview the writer and historian Carlo Greppi, submitting him some questions about his latest literary works and the difficult situation we are experiencing.

Greppi has collaborated with Rai Storia, organizes memory trips with the Deina association, of which it is a founding member, and is a member of the Committee scientific institute of the Ferruccio Parri National Institute, which coordinates the network of institutes for the history of resistance and age contemporary in Italy. He has published several essays, including “L’ultimo treno. Racconti del viaggio verso il lager” (2012, premio Ettore Gallo 2012), “25 aprile 1945” (2018) e “L’età dei muri. Breve storia del nostro tempo” (2019) and “La storia ci salverà. Una dichiarazione d’amore” (2020), and novels such as: “Non restare indietro” (2016, premio Adei-Wizo 2017, sezione ragazzi) e “Bruciare la frontiera” (2018).

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