Cantine Ascheri: innovation is a tradition

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Giacomo Ascheri moved from La Morra to Bra in 1880, in fact, at the time, it was the most important centre for the diffusion of Barolo and he started the production of the most famous wine of the whole territory.

Therefore the seat of the Ascheri winery is in Bra; it counts about 40 hectares of vineyards, spread among the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, La Morra (where are cultivated the grapes used for the Barolo, Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba production) and Bra.

The Ascheri winery was born at the beginning of the XIX century, initially the family started the production in La Morra, where there is still a place called “località Ascheri”. The company started the wine production activity making only bulk wines; it has become famous in particular for the “Ascheri method”, which introduced a new palisades system in the vineyards. In the past people used only wooden supports, while the Ascheri  method included the use of wires, which have become a fundamental tool in the creation of a vineyard.

This company has always been looking for innovation both in the vineyards and in the cellar, despite it has grown and enlarged, the Ascheri winery conserves a familiar atmosphere and today it is under the lead of Matteo Ascheri.

He is a wine entrepreneur, but since last year he has been elected President of the Consortium for the Protection of the Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba Langhe and Dogliani. Matteo was born in 1962, he graduated in Economy and he directs a Consortium which counts more than 500 associated wine companies, which represent about  10.000 hectares of vineyards spread among the Langhe and Roero with 65 million of bottles. He had already been the president of the Consortium from 1992 and 1994, in the past he had many important roles and he will be in charge until 2021.

From the vineyards to the winemaking, the Ascheri company stands out for the limitation in the use of technology. The grapes, cultivated following the rules of the sustainable agriculture, are worked to bring out the best of their features; during the aging period the wood is used to enhance and valorise the vineyards and to show a faithful expression of the terroir. The winery was created as a place to protect and conserve the vineyards products, respecting  their natural features.

The Ascheri family manage also a four stars hotel, located just above the winery and the Osteria Muri Vecchi, a place dedicated to the valorisation of the territory through the food.

Osteria Muri Vecchi

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