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Ingredients for the salad

160g/5½oz mixed salad with the following herbs: Batavia lettuce, butter lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, poppy, dandelion, primrose leaves, spinach, radicchio, red chards, beet, tarragon, anise, wood sorrel, santureja, marjoram, red mizuma, green mizuna, Chinese mustard, chervil, mordigallina, scarlet pimpernel, sedan, lovage, green shiso, red shiso, dill, wild fennel, nasturtium, radish, Good-King-Henry, white rape and porcini mushrooms. For the flowers: marigold (red, white, purple, organge or yellow), violets, cowslip, borage flowers, cornflower, chives and garlic, aromatic oil, Barolo vinegar, toasted black and white sesame, finely chopped nori seaweed, candied ginger.  For the aromatic oil: 500g/17½oz herbs (parsley, tarragon, wild fennel, chervil ), 1l/35 fl oz extra virgin olive oil. For the fried amaranth waffles: 200g/7oz amaranth seeds, dashi, oil. For the dashi: 1.5l/53 fl oz water, 10g/½oz kombu seaweed, 40g/1½oz Katsuobuschi.


Parboil the herbs, drain them well and then mix with the evo oil in a blender. Filter the oil with a strainer. For the salad: wash all the herbs. Toast the sesame seeds in a pan. Cut the candied ginger into julienne strips. Prepare the dashi. Put the Kombu seaweeds  in cold water for 24 hours. Bring to 90C/194F and add the Katsuobusci. When the Katsuobusci will reach the bottom of the pan, sift with a blender. Cook the amaranth with the dashi for 40 minutes, with no salt. Arrange it on a baking paper at 40C/104F and let it dry for 24 hours. Once dried, break it into irregular pieces and fry in hot oil. Blend all the salad varieties, the vegetables and the herbs. Dress with the aromatic oil, the Barolo vinegar, sesame, nori seaweeds and the ginger. Serve in a plate decorated with flower petals and the amaranth waffles.

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