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The Cuneo Province is a place to explore and taste at 360-degree, where you will enjoy a path that involves all the senses.

The famous Lonely Planet guide picked Piedmont as the world’s top region to visit in 2019. This because region offers a high quality food and wine experience, extraordinary landscapes, history, traditions, culture, technology, sport and relax: it is a territory to live at 360-degree.

The red thread of the first five issues of the Idea Tourism magazine will propose a journey through the senses. We will explore the whole Cuneo province, a territory to taste, to see, to touch, to sniff and to heard.

The TASTE will be the protagonist of the first issue, because, according to the scientists, it is the sense whose memory is the most resistant in our mind. When we came back home from a journey, what remains are emotions and remembering we can relive all the pleasant experiences we had tasting local products.

Piedmont must be tasted! It is the second Italian region for number of Michelin stars (45 in total and 17 only in the Cuneo area) and this is not by chance. Moreover in this area are produced wines which are famous all around the world, in particular Barolo and Barbaresco. The stages of this journey dedicated to taste will include all the typical products of the “seven sisters”, which means the main cities of the province: Cuneo, Alba, Bra, Fossano, Mondovì, Savigliano e Saluzzo.

All you have to do is read in taste!

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