For “Agrimontana” success has the flavour of the family

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The quality starts from the raw materials, which are the maximum expressions of the territories in which the fruits used are produced, with careful to ethic cultivations and to sustainability, respecting the right degree of maturation.

Marrons glacés, candied fruit, jam and fruit shreds. For more than 40 years “Agrimontana” is recognised in Italy and all over the world for the quality of its productions and for ita excellent products. This company was born in Borgo San Dalmazzo and it has improved over the years, becoming the  today’s great industry with «an excellence cuisine, a laboratory carachterised by the dexterity of those who work in, during all the phases of the making process, this makes the difference»; with these words, Chiara Bardini, general director of “Agrimontana” and daughter of the founder, Cesare, describes her father’s creation. «Everything started in 1972 with an industrial laboratory, today we are a s.p.a. enterprise which produce and deliver all over the world», but their values are always the same: «We have remained faithful to the craftsmanship production and to the nature of our products. The selection of the best raw materials is our mission. Fruits, chestnuts, such as all the other ingredients used in our recipes must be compliant to particular “standard” quality level and products traceability. The respect of the natural feature of the raw materials used is another fundamental principle for this company. The aim is to produce new and natural creations, valorising the fruits properties».

Absolute excellence: the chestnuts signed Agrimontana

Handicraft approach and maximum quality level technologies

Agrimontana has forbidden preservatives, dyes and artificial flavors. The marron glacés are the symbol of the research of the authenticity and the attention to the flavour, which express itself through the direct experience of the farmers generations. The fruit is selected carefully: Agrimontana takes Washington Navel oranges from Calabria, while, in Diamante, in the Cosenza province, are bought those cedars which are considered the best variety in the world; from Emilia and Piedmont come apricots and peaches, from Campania strawberries and from Veneto and Basilicata cherries; with all these fruits are the are created jams , purées and candied fruits, which conserve natural flavours and colours  which perfectly reflect the territory where they are produced. Agrimontana produces not only jams, but it creates also pure nuts or fine mix with sugar and natural aromas. Here you can find also different kind of honey, produced in different part of Italy, for example those who are extracted by cold centrifugation, chocolate, iced-fresh violets and more, all of this is just the result of the union between the handicraft tradition and the nature. Moreover Agrimontana offers a special ice-cream, realised according to the philosophy and  the values of the company, so avoiding the use of mono and diglycerides, non-noble vegetable fats, synthetic aromas, dyes and preservatives, but without renounce to the taste. «The Agrimontana’s core business is, with no doubt, the candied or glacés chestnuts» – declares Chiara Bardini. «Our marron glacés are recognised as an absolute excellence both from costumers and confectioners, The chesnuts and the iced-fresh violets  are handicraft productions which only few companies in Italy can realise according to the traditional making-process; for this reason we are particularly fond to these two products. The candied fruit is used for many preparations in the traditional Italian confectionery and “Agrimontana” is a point of reference for the professionals of the sector and for all those who want to use quality products. The fruit jams and the marmalades have always been our most famous products among the costumers».

Family: the most important value

Cesare Bardini founded “Agrimontana” 46 years ago. Today his values are carried on by his brother Enrico and his sons Chiara and Luigi. The history of this family is a path built sharing experiences with the most important Italian and international confectioners, such as Iginio Massari or Luigi Biasetto, just to mention two names. In 2006 the Illy group decided to join the corporate capital, but despite the international prospective, as many others enterprises present on our territory, Agrimontana has a secret: to be faithful to the roots and to the family. Agrimontana is the story of a family who has always chosen according to the sustainability of the territory, the traceability of the raw materials and the quality research. Agrimontana works with strong passion along with desire to look beyond the horizon, growing and improving itself every day. «The family is with no doubts a point of strength for “Agrimontana”», confirms Chiara Bardini. «And it is the family the first guarantee of the values respect which we have been carried on for about 50 years».

A future without compromises…

Family means roots: a strong relationship with the territory and traditions, but that’s not all, said the General Director: «Family for us means history, but also future, because as a second generation we have the responsibility to grow and improve, taking care the costumers and to the confectionery market requests, which is highly competitive». So the look is projected towards tomorrow. «What will be the future challenges? Continue to produce in the same way we are doing since 50 years, without compromises about the quality of the raw materials and of the professionals, who will create the final product for the costumer». The quality starts from the raw materials, which are the maximum expressions of the territories in which the fruits used are produced, with careful to ethic cultivations and to sustainability, respecting the right degree of maturation. “Agrimontana” was born in a land which is famous all over the world for the food, confectionery and wine. The tone and the vocation for the wine activities are part of the halo present in the products: such as the “terroir” which is always present in the wine, thanks to the attention dedicated to the making-process which respects the nature and preserves the original tastes.

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