Fossano: the sweet city

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Fossano is the centre of many important confectionery industries, think about Maina, Balocco and Colussi. If you walk around the city you can find very good confectioneries which offer special local products.

You can enjoy your visit among historical palaces, low arcades, castle, that can be visited with a guide or by yourselves,  and the Museo Diocesano, full of very interesting works of art. Fossano is the fourth municipality of the province for population, after CuneoAlba and Bra and it is one of the so called “seven sisters”, (the municipalities of the Cuneo province which count more than 15.000 inhabitants). The Principi d’Acaja  Castle is the symbol of the city and it arises in the middle of a big square behind the main road, via Roma. It has four towers which conserve hundreds and hundreds of books. It was built as a defensive structure at the behest of Filippo I Acaja, between 1324 and 1332; it was then transformed by the Savoy in a residential house. In the in the sixteenth-century arcades host the civic library, while the inside courtyard and the halls of the ground floor host cultural events and art exhibitions and concerts. From the top of the towers you can enjoy a suggestive view on the Monviso and on the whole Alpine arch.

The tasting tour of  Fossano start just from the city centre. In the middle of via Roma, under the arcades, you can find the pasticceria Giuffrida, the oldest confectionery of the city, which has handed down generation after generation the tradition and the excellence of its products. Giuffrida is both confectionery and bar and it offers many different kind of sweets (biscuits, cakes, pralines and cream puffs) and many other savory products (pretzels, canapés, pies, semi-sweet rolls, vegetable or ham and cheese quiche). It has recently been restored and inside you can find elegant boiseries and an intimate room with traditional seats and tables. You should absolutely try the local specialty: Fossanesi (rhum and chocolate pralines) and the Torronita (nougat), a sponge cake covered with cream and nougat wrapped in a chocolate wafer.

You cannot miss the confectionery  Le Delizie; it offers a wide selection of products, made only with quality raw materials. Here you can find fresh cakes, puffs, desserts, biscuits, puff pastries, muffins, mini-cakes, pretzels, small pizzas, semi-sweet rolls, but the specialty are the Quaquare: butter and lime biscuits, invented in the neighbouring city of Genola. At Le Delizie you can taste also a very good coffee and brioches. The local is very nice and it is provided with a dehors.

If you are looking for a place for an appetizer Bar Aurora is the right place for you. It is a winery with a coffee bar, so it offers many different wine labels and spirits. You can have both breakfast and a speedy lunch; moreover it has joined the Bike Tourism projects, which gives you the opportunity to rent an e-bike.

Palazzo Righini is, instead, the gourmet paradise; it is located in the historical centre of the city and inside you can find a restaurant, a lounge bar and a winery. The restaurant is at basement level, it was built amplifying the ancient cellars. The restaurant is called Antiche Volte and always at this level there is also the Caveau winery, with brick walls and stone pavement. At ground floor you can find the Lounge Bar Il Loggiato, which overlooks the courtyard with its traditional tables and sofas. All the recipes proposed in this restaurants show a strong relationship with the territory and respect the local raw materials. Products are used according to the season. You can choose among more than 500 wine piedmontese and foreign labels, in particular red wines, champagne and Borgogna white wines. You can have an appetizer but also a tasting experience.

Finally it worth to visit non only the Sanctuary of Cussanio, but also the homonym ice-cream shop, where, immersed into the green, it is possible to taste delicious handmade traditional biscuit or hazelnut ice-creams  or special creations realised using the seasonal ingredients.

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