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This company has been working the chocolate from forty year, offering more than 50 specialties in Italy and abroad.

Mandrile Melis is an historical company founded in Fossano, in the Cuneo Province, which has become very famous in particular for the Rhum Cuneese pralines. Its name comes from its founders: Giuseppe Mandrile and Maria Antonietta Melis.

Rhum cuneese pralines

Their life is a story of excellence thanks to the cure dedicated in the selection the best quality products of the territory, the love for the tradition and the experience of the chocolate master Giuseppe Mandrile.

The passion and the creativity of Giuseppe Melis’ company has grown during the years showing new interesting pairings, handcrafted and unmistakable: the Cream Pralines (fine chocolate pralines with a milk cream heart), the Cuneesi (Cuneo pralines with rhum, genepy, amaretto liquor and grand orange), the original Basin ëd Fusan (kisses of Fossano, nougat and triple chocolate pralines), the Cioccogrissino (a typical piedmontese grissino covered with dark chocolate), the Cioccobella (a big dark or milk chocolate with hazelnuts), the Nocciolotti (four Langhe hazelnut chrunchy bars covered with dark or milk chocolate), the Truffles and the Small Truffles (soft traditional pralines sprinkled with cocoa powder. You can taste them in many versions: white, dark, milk, coconut and coffee).

A special mention is for the Easter eggs, that are handcrafted and decorated only by chocolate artists, with a great cure for the details. Here you can find many different types of Easter eggs, but all are realised with high quality raw materials. 

Mandrile Melis is specialised in the custom creations and so it creates recipes upon request and also with raw materials supplied by the costumers, looking after the product from the recipe to the packaging.

Since last summer the company has changed owners and it has been included in the Gruppo albese Tcn of Giuseppe Bernocco and Sebastiano Astegiano, who is the owner also of the Galup, famous company of Pinerolo.

The old recipes has been modified adding new packaging and product types, among those you can find the WOW! line: a dark chocolate shell which hides a hazelnut cream; you can taste it in 10 versions, it does not contain liquor, so it is suitable also for kids.

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Mandrile Melis

Strada del Santuario, 64
12045 Fossano (Cuneo), Italia
Tel: +39 0172 634160