The culture and the value of the territory enclosed in the smell

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In Alba the “Acqua di Cherasco” and its creator, Stefania Rossi, on display with “In loco logo” at “Vinum”, in the “Giacomo Morra” palace.

Her creative inspiration is not a novelty for our readers. In fact, Stefania Rossi, is the owner of a para-pharmacy in the centre of Cherasco; her passion for chemistry made her famous for as a “smell designer”. She created a collection of room fragrances.

In the last few years she express her passion through the “In loco logo” exhibition, held in the frame of “Vinum”, the fair dedicated to the olfactory heritage of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. “This event ends a cycle of three different projects, which are strongly linked to this territory, which, in my opinion, can be discovered only through the taste and the vision and of course with all the other senses”, said enthusiastically Stefania Rossi. “In this case, I give, thanks to my degree, great importance to the aspect of smell. The installation showed in Alba is based on symbols, books, saved from waste, that I brrought back to a new life, making them speakers of a fragrant culture of the territory, cultural amplifiers of the territory in a fragrant key”.

The installation is divided into six sections which correspond to the different areas of the territory included in the UNESCO World Heritage: the Langhe of Barolo, the castle of Grinzane Cavour, Canelli, the Asti Spumante, the area of Nizza Monferrato with its Barbera d’Asti and its “infernot” (typical ancient cellars).

Visiting the  exhibition, in Alba, you can admire and smell there books exposed in a room of the “Giacomo Morra” palace. Each village of the UNESCO core zone is located in a precise geographical position, respecting the morphology of the territory. The installations is provided with particular fragrances of the Acqua di Cherasco collection, created to tell the world of the wine and the territory, with an eye on the “city of peace”.

We are talking about Vignoble, a faithful olfactory picture of the late harvest, in which there is the man’s works, and then GojNobile, that witnesses the joy of wine and Soagner, which tells the sacredness of the Bacchus’ nectar and how is fundamental the wine for the UNESCO Langhe. “This is what I wanted to tell through this exhibition. The visit ends with the books, which had been modified to become real works of art, each of them bears the name of a wine of “Vinum”. All the wines presented are real jewels of the oenology, representing the excellences such as Alta Langa, Barolo, Barbaresco, Freisa, Grignolino and all the others you can taste at “Vinum”. Moreover, in the exposition area, you will see a table 6 metres long, which allows you to explore the whole fragrances of the Acqua di Cherasco collection, which was created with the aim of enhance the unicity of this territory and in particular the “city of peace””.

For those you want to join the olfactory path proposed by “In loco logo” is it possible to plan a visit on 4th and 15th May in Alba at the congresses and exhibition palace, from 10.30 am to 8 pm.

“Perfume is emotion, the ability to capture the essence”, concludes Stefania Rossi. “Soul and smell both belong to the” wind “. They are “breath”, “portion of wind” … In the soul are our emotions. The perfume is that breath that upsets them,  messes with them, makes them fly “.

This is the secret that you can experience in her olfactory space in Cherasco!

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