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In Cerretto Langhe and in the neighbouring villages people bet on the unique Gentle Round Hazelnut. The “new era” started with the opening of the lab and the shop in Alba.

Gian Franco Cavallotto

“AltaLanga” is an innovative agricultural project, which was born thanks to the passion of an “old langarolo”, as Gian Franco Cavallotto defines himself, who loved his native land. He was born in 1946 in Cerretto Langhe;  he had been working as an insurance agent in Alba, but, after about 40 years he decided to leave and in 2013 he decided to create  “AltaLanga”, a  biological farm located in his native village. His son Lorenzo has started to work in the insurance sector and he shares with his father a  closed chain project about the Gentle Round Hazelnut.

Thanks to the obstinacy that characterises the Langhe inhabitants the farm grew with strong bases in the territory of Cerretto, where, with more than 30 purchase deeds of lands it has been constituted 20 hectares plot of land to cultivate hazelnuts. Meantime they bought two small companies, located respectively in Feisoglio and in Trezzo Tinella, and some territories in the municipalities of Serravalle Langhe and Roddello. Today “AltaLanga” is made up of more than 55 hectares of hazels, part in production part in growth. In 2016 the productive and commercial chain has been crowned with a laboratory and a shop located in the historical centre of Alba.

Why biological?

In a world where people constantly talk about nature and environment few do something concrete to help the planet, so  “AltaLanga” wants to be a model to promote the good agricultural techniques which are totally respectful of the environment. To achieve more easily the biological technique, the founder of the farm chose to cultivate in territory immersed in the woods and least possible exposed to the contamination of other hazelnuts cultivations, treated with herbicides or chemical products.

Territories vocated to the hazelnut cultivations

It is has been proved that the composition of the soil and the microclimate are two fundamental elements to guarantee the high-quality of hazelnuts. The cultivations of “AltaLanga” are located in municipalities vocated to the hazelnut cultivations thanks also to a perfect elevation above the medium sea level, in fact all these territories are located between 500 and 700 mamsl.

Innovation and tradition

Although the “AltaLanga” farm is famous for its biological and innovative techniques, it is respectful of the natural drying methods of the product. This process it is not only a matter of philosophy, but also a choice linked to the suggestions of expert technicians, who state that the sun-dried fruits conserve better organoleptic features than the ones treated mechanically, that causes a thermal shock.

The lab and the shop

The opening of the lab along with the shop, in corso Italia 5, in the historical centre of Alba, has been a fundament choice for the growth of the company, which, before, sold its products through another company. It has been very successful also because people love to visit the lab where they can see and discover all the productive processes, the high-quality raw materials, such as the biological honey and fresh eggs which are delivered at  the confectionery every Friday by a farm of Savigliano.

In May 2017 the farm signed an agreement with the famous ice-cream maker from  Turin, Alberto Marchetti, opening a shop at “Casa Marchetti” in piazza Cln, just few metres far from piazza San Carlo. In 2018 the revenue of “Altalanga” have been more than 100%.


Here you can find traditional products such as toasted or caramelised hazelnuts, creams, but “AltaLanga” offers also hazelnuts covered with chocolate and a special cream sugar free which has reached a great success abroad. The creation of this sugar free cream is coherent with the company philosophy, whose aim is people healthiness, which, in this case, is protected thanks to a new raw material, the agave, which is used instead of sugar.

The healthiness aspect is fundamental in the selling of hazelnuts, because the costumers are very careful buying confectionery products; for this reason “AltaLanga” proposes also a gluten free hazelnut cake, made with biological and fresh eggs, it is very appreciated for its fragrance and aroma; moreover here you can find also the typical “brut e bon” biscuits, prepared with a gluten free recipe.

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