Ca’ Vittoria Meringue cake

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For the panna cotta: 250g/8.8oz cream, 65g/2.29oz  sugar, a pinch of salt, 9g/0.31oz gelatine, 250g/8.8oz semi-whipped cream. For the meringue: 100g/3.5oz egg whites at room temperature, 100g/35.oz caster sugar, 100g/35oz icing sugar.


For the panna cotta: boil the cream with the sugar and a pinch of salt and let it boils for 2 minutes, let it chill up to 40°C and add the gelatine, you soften before immersed in water (9g/0.31oz gelatine in 45g/1.58oz cold water), combine the semi-whipped cream and pour it into steel or plastic moulds and put them in the freezer or blastly chill. For the meringue: beat the egg whites adding the different kinds of sugar to obtain a white and compact dough. Spread on a baking paper with a thickness of 3mm/0.11inch and put in the oven at 100°C/121°F until it dries.


Take the panna cotta and remove it from the moulds, stick the meringues in a non-homogeneous way garnish with berries and edible flowers.

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