Cuneo strawberries smell of spring

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The intense aroma of the cuneese strawberries is very incisive; you can buy them at the market from April to September, but May and June are the ideal periods to taste this excellent product.

The strawberries of Cuneo are PAT (Prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale), which means a Traditional regional food products of the Cuneo province; the denomination includes only the fruits cultivated of the following types: Alba, Arosa, Asia, Clery, Record, Sugar Lia, Roxana, Albion, Charlotte, Diamante, Elsinore, Evie, Irma and the the improved clones of these varieties, grown in the area of ​​origin.

The strawberries cultivated with traditional cultivation methods can bear the label “Fragola Cuneo” , while are absolutely excluded the ones produced with the “above ground” technique. The use of these methods allow to preserve the features of the fruit, enhancing the aroma, the texture and the lasting also after the harvesting.

The high quality level are the result of the combination of natural agents and producer experience.

The pedoclimatic conditions, that characterise the Cuneo area have allowed strawberries, during the years, to spread on hilly areas. Their high-quality production is it possible thanks also to the daily high temperature range and the high solar radiation in the cultivation areas. These two factors influence the texture of the pulp and the external surface of the fruit, improving its colour and shine.

Main features

The strawberries cultivated in the Cuneo valleys have a truncated or elongated conical shape and are of medium-large size. The colour is a brilliant red-orange and they have an high sugar content associated with a pleasant acidity of the juices.

These strawberries have  few calories (only 27 per 100 g) and besides a delicious flavour as few others, they are notoriously very healthy. Their digestive, purifying and refreshing properties have always been known and are favoured by the presence of minerals such as phosphorus and potassium. They are also a good source of fibre and a good source of vitamin C.

The fruits must have a minimum sugar content higher than 6 ° brix associated with a good acidity of the juices. In last few years, in addition to the traditional unifera strawberry, that is, which produces in a single period of the year for late spring harvesting, we have also included crops of blossoming strawberries, characterised by a scalar production that goes from April to late autumn.

Area of production

The area of production includes all the municipalities of the Cuneo province located between 250 and 1600 MAMSL. The most famous cultivation areas are those of Peveragno, the Monregalese  and Roero areas.


The cultivation of the strawberry started in Peveragno, immediately after the war, thanks to a farmer  who brought some plants from France. The great success of this product, in the ‘60s, was incredible to the point that many traders came here from the neighbouring districts and it  was necessary to move the market to the sport centre. The mayors of the time promoted this fruit with many initiatives to make the strawberry popular, among those they created the “Strawberry fair” which celebrates the maturation and the harvesting.

The massive harvesting of this spontaneous fruit that are particularly present in these areas, started not only thanks to the farmers, but also thanks to the Carthusians Fathers, who, in 1173, lived in a florid area located just outside the city of Cuneo.

To be suitable for the selling, strawberries must be intact, with no dents, provided with a calyx and a short, non-withered green peduncle. Obviously they must be healthy, washed, with no extraneous odours or savours. Moreover they must be matured and have the typical organoleptic features of their variety. They must also have minimal pesticide residues in line with the criteria of integrated agriculture.

The “Cuneo strawberries” are waiting to be recognised and protected with the PGI by the dell’Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli ASPROFRUT.

Strawberry fairs

Sagra della Fragola in Sommariva Perno

The strawberry fair organised in Sommariva Perno was created in 1954 and now, this event on its 65^ edition, has become a very important appoitnment in the Roero area. This event will take place every week-end from 12th May to 2nd June and it is an exhibition market which, along with others, represents the typical food and wine tradition of the territory.

Sagra della Fragola in Peveragno

The 62^ edition of this fair will take place on 8th and 9th June in the historical centre of Peveragno. The programme includes the opening ceremony scheduled on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm, while the evening is totally dedicated to the 23° “Miss Fragola” contest. On Sunday, the historical centre will welcome all the visitors with strawberries expositions and tastings. During all the day you will enjoy concerts, markets, pictures and paintings exhibitions.

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