The Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and Monferrato wines

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The Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and Monferrato wines was founded in 1946 by 7 companies. Today its seat is hosted in the castle of Costigliole d’Asti, a place which witnesses the strong relationship between the wine production and the secular history of Monferrato.

The vocation of Basso Monferrato is strongly bounded to the wine production and it is one of the most productive areas for autochthonous wines: Malvasia, Grignolino,  Ruché, Freisa and Albugnano (local and powerfull interpretation of Nebbiolo). An area therefore that shows a great ampelographic variety, held together by the queen of Piedmontese red wines, the Barbera, which, in the Monferrato, has over 6,000 hectares of registered vineyard. This allows us to understand the change of name of the Consortium, which has become “the Barbera d ‘Asti and Vini del Monferrato”.


Among the most representative grape types of Piedmont, the Barbera counts about 30% of the 43 vineyard hectares of the whole region. It was born in Monferrato and it is mostly cultivated in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, where it reaches its best expression in the Barbera d’Asti, recognised as AOC since 1970 and AOCG since 2008. This wine is strongly linked to the ancient farmer traditions but it in constant evolution thanks to modern cultivation and productive techniques. Since the 2000 harvesting, in the Barbera d’Adti production zone there are three quality areas: Nizza (independent PDO since 2016), Tinella and Colli Astiani.

The Barbera grape has red berries and it is cultivated in Piedmont for the most, but you can find it also in the Oltrepò Pavese, in Colli Piacentini area, in Franciacorta, in Umbria, in Campania, in Sicily, but also overseas, from California to South America.

The Barbera d’Asti productions involves 169 municipalities, included between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, and 530 bottling companies. In 2008 were produced about 20.096.221bottles, without the 19.362.317 labelled as Piemonte Aoc Barbera. About half of the product is exported, mostly in the USA, Canada and in the North of Europe, more and more Horeca and less MD.

Looking at the promotional strategies we can notice that there are numerous activities realised to promote the Barbera d’Asti, which is the most exported ACOG wine in Piedmont.

The promotion through events all over the world is an important strategy for the Consortium, which manages 12 denominations on 11 thousands hectares of vineyards.

About the protection, the main goal is to offer the total warranty of the wines to the costumer, through a series of international controls on the products sold. It is also important the research activity because through it the Consortium can enlarge the number of protected wines. There are two projects in progress: one dedicated to the fight against a phytoplasma disease called Flavescence dorée and another reserved to the identification of a native yeast on Barbera grapes.

10 years of AOCG Barbera d’Asti

In 2019 the Barbera d’Asti celebrates 10 years from the obtaining of the AOCG recognition. To celebrate the event the Consortium organises a special tasting during “Vinum”.  The appointment is in Alba, on Saturday 4th Maya t 4 pm, in the Maddelena courtyard, room “Beppe Fenoglio”.

The balance of the Consortium’s participation in the fair, a fixed appointment for the first days of spring, has been positive so far. An event that has attracted thousands of enthusiasts to the city, attracted by the possibility of simply tasting all the most important Piedmontese Appellations.

It is in this prestigious context will take place the important anniversary of the wine symbol of Monferrato. A blind tasting of some of the most important labels produced in the last decade, perfect to  witness the longevity of the queen of Piedmontese wines. In ten years the Barbera d’Asti has imposed itself as one of the most renowned wines of Piedmont, being appreciated all over the world thanks to its versatility that makes it the ideal match for many international cuisines.

“Vinum represents the most important appointment in the territory for the promotion of our Denominations – says Filippo Mobrici, President of the Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and Monferrato wines -. For this reason we have decided to add a tasting dedicated to Barbera d’Asti Aocg to the usual wine shop. A symbolic wine, of which we will appreciate not only the quality, but also the ability to age on a par with the greatest wines of which Piedmont is the land of choice. We therefore invite all the enthusiasts to participate in the tasting, sure that they will be amazed by the evolution shown by Barbera d’Asti”.

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The Consortium of the Barbera d’Asti and Monferrato wines

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