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The protagonist of the third issue is the sight. In these pages in fact you will find landscapes to look at, exhibitions to visit, boroughs and castles to admire, immersed in a sinuous weaving of vineyard hills.

The sight

Thanks to the eye functions, the sight translate in images all what we see around us, distinguishing distance among objects, shapes, colours and shades. 

The eye works as a camera: the light penetrates  through the cornea, (a transparent and convex membrane) and it passes through the iris and thanks to the pupil (a circular diaphragm), its luminous rays pass through the crystalline lens and reach the retina, where the the real image of the observed object, even if upside down.

If there are no particular defects in the vision process, people are able to distinguish about 180-200 different shades of colour, even if the ability to differentiate them varies according to the latter.

A land to admire 

City, countryside, mountain, hills. The Cuneo province is characterised by many different landscapes, each one with its unique features.  

This June we celebrate the 5th anniversary from the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato UNESCO recognition, in fact these lands have been recognised part of the World Heritage in 2014. 

The vineyard landscape of Piedmont includes twenty-nine municipalities, which represent centuries of history and culture strongly bounded to the wine culture. It is a unique landscape, which is the happy result of the millennia collaboration between man and nature. The landscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato are in fact dominated  by hills,  castles and small boroughs where are produced some of the most famous and prestigious wines in the world. 

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The sight