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The “Ciau” cellar offers not only extraordinary wine labels (about 1.850!), but it hosts two real treasure chests, in which are conserved the best homemade productions of cheese and cured meat, carefully selected and produced in the most famous territories.

The kitchen

Maurilio Garola with the collaboration of Marco Lombardo and many young talented people, lull the passionate with traditional Piedmont products and some French offers, creating a balanced mixture with the high-quality of raw materials and particular attention to the “homemade” production.

Maurilio Garola loves the tradition flavours and makes his Michelin star bright thanks to the local products of the Langhe, but he has a secret passion for fish in his heart, which inspires his creativity in the cuisine. The careful selection of high-quality raw materials is a categorical imperative at “La Ciau del Tornavento”, choosing fish and all other products, included meats, which must be rigorously at “zero kilometres”. Among the other specialties offered there are also offal and then typical products that are a calling card for Piedmont, like truffles. «Here people must feel at home», state Maurilio and Nadia. They share this philosophy with Marco and Cecilia who work along with them. “La Ciau del Tornavento” offers not only unforgettable lunches and dinners, but also a series of elements which make this place unique.

Passion… “Aromatario”

In the vegetables garden do not exist seasons. Seasons are as many as recipes you can create everyday are. When an ingredient is no longer available, the recipes must be reinvented: everyday something is different and the role of a good chef is to find the right disposition for each vegetable.

The cellar

Dug in the tuff of the hill, the cellar conserves more than 65.000 bottles of 450 producers and about 1.800 labels coming from all over the world, offering one of the most complete wine list in Italy. In the cellar are conserved 2.899 wines of 334 different producers, from 13 countries. A special eye is dedicate to the local producers of the Langhe, in fact here you can find a large offer. For this reason this place is a point of reference also for the producers. Half of the collection is made up of Barolo and Barbaresco wine, but there are also many others important red wines, produced in Piedmont and in Tuscany; for what concerns white wines, they come from many Italian regions and occupy one tenth of the cellar.

There is no shortage of the great French “châteaux”, which represent 10% of the total, nor the most prestigious labels from overseas countries, such as Argentina, Australia, California, Chile and Uruguay. In addition to all these amazing labels, the “Ciau” winery houses two veritable treasure chests in which the best artisanal productions of Piedmontese cheeses and Italian cured meats are kept, selected from the most famous production areas.

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La Ciau del Tornavento

Piazza Baracco, 7 – 12050 Treiso (Cn)
tel. +39.0173.638333