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This is a land of historical and natural beauties, Roero is an unmissable stage, not only for the food and wine lovers.

The Roero is territory, in southern Piedmont, in the Cuneo Province, located on the left side of the Tanaro river on the north of Alba. Its name came from a noble family of Asti. The Roero family lived in the Middle Ages and at the time possessed most of the castles and the lands of this area. Today this name evokes great AOCG wines, Roero e Roero Arneis. The vineyard landscapes of Roero along with those of the Langhe and Monferrato, since June 2014 have been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Here you can enjoy a natural holiday among the paths of the “Rocche” or discover many charming ancient boroughs such as the one of Guarene, famous for its massive castle which arises in the centre of the village or the one of Govone, where you can visit the royal castle of Carlo Felice of Savoy. Each borough in this territory has something very special to show.

For food and wine lovers it is unmissable the Enoteca Regionale in the centre of Canale, where you can have a taste, go shopping or have a lunch in the starred restaurant.

The Rocche

The Rocche are the most particular natural element of the Roero landscape. They are the manifestation of a geological erosion phenomenon originated about 250.000 years ago, that created real canyons more than 100 metres deep,  in the whole area. The Tanaro river changed its course and its bed became 80 metres lower causing a series of upheavals in the valleys. The result of this millenary phenomenon is unique: the sandy walls of the hills create natural spires, fascinating shapes and natural amphitheatres. The Rocche change continuously due to the sandy soil, which is easily modified by the water. Today they represent an important touristic attraction offering different kinds of landscapes and  path suitable for trekking lovers and hikers.

Food and wine

The Roero is a territory rich of high quality food products, it is specialised in the fruit and vegetables cultivation. Among the most famous products we can mention the strawberries of Baldissero d’Alba and Sommariva Perno, the peaches of Canale and the Madernassa pear. Exactly as in the case of the Langhe, even in the Roero area, you can find white truffles and mushrooms. Here, the apiculture plays a key role in particular for the production of the Acacia and chestnut honey.

The queen of the recipes is the bovine meat, in particular the fassona type; you can taste veal in tuna sauce, Russian salad,  tuna rabbit, Piedmontes mixed fry, anchovies with red or green sauce (called bagnet), or knife cut fassona meat; fresh pasta such as agnolotti, tajarin with butter and sage leaves, truffles or sausage gravy; the rabbit cooked with Arneis, the Roero pot roast, the capon and finally  panna cotta (cooked cream) and bunet (pudding).

All these recipes are perfect if served with a local wine, in particular Roero and Roero Arneis. The production of the wine has always been a fundamental part of the culture and the tradition of the Roero area, which has been transformed by the vineyards. Despite the proximity with the Langhe, the Roero is geologically younger and its sandy soils, which lack of clay but offer mineral salts suitable to produce elegant wines, with complex scents with a wide bouquet of refined perfumes. The wine production in the last decade  has become one of the pillars of the local economy thanks to the high quality of the wines.

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