A journey through the five senses– THE HEARING

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This special issue is entirely dedicated to the valleys of the Cuneo province and to the respective cities, which, with their monuments and sounds recall the summer.

The first sense

The hearing is the first of the five senses to develop and its aim is to transform the acoustic stimuli into auditory sensation (sounds), taking sound signals from the external environment and to transform them to send them to the brain, where they are encoded and recognized.

The complex system of this mechanism is the auditory apparatus, which let us to decode an acoustic wave and hear a definite sound, with precise intensity, power and volume  features.

The ear is divided into three parts: the outer ear, which corresponds to the auricle, which collects the sound waves and protect the inner parts the middle ear, consisting of a membrane called the eardrum and the tympanic case; the inner ear, whose heart is the cochlea,  is where the auditory energy is processed and transformed into electrical impulses and then sent to the brain.

I suoni dell’estate

The fourth issue of IDEA Tourism is special because it includes both July and August issues. In the following pages you will find a general guide about the Cuneo province, the famous “Provincia Granda”, with many tips and interesting suggestions about what to do in southern Piedmont during the summer.

The sense that will lead you through the discovering of the territory in this “double” magazine is the hearing, with the typical summer sounds, which recall to our mind the so awaited holidays. The summer, in fact, is the season in which sounds are  more harmonic and instil peace and tranquillity. The birds chirping in the morning, the  water roars in mountain streams, the music liven up open-air concerts, the motorbikes and scooters  run through the hills,  tourists explore villages, cities and towns, children dive in the pool, and then…the laughs, the chirping of cicadas, the squeezed tube of the sun cream…

IDEA Tourism wish you a great and pleasant summer. See you in September with the Magazine and many news!

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