A lush landscape of architectural treasures and food and wine

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The region develops along a wide valley, formed by light slopes and dense forests for 60 km of road that lead from Verzuolo to Colle dell’Agnello.

Costigliole Saluzzo

This is a town located at the bottom of the valley dominated by its castle, it lives today in the wake of its famous Quagliano: a wine with an intense pink colour, a faint aroma of fruit and a sweet taste.

Pink Palace


Manta is a village located at the foot of the Monviso group, in the south-western area of ​​Piedmont. A place of art and history that offers a hill, with its fresh fountains, the plain with the ancient castle in the centre and old charming streets because they hide suggestive corners.


It is a luxuriant, spacious village with a straight profile. This is the Valle Varaita, the natural paradise in which this town is nestled, surrounded by trees with lush foliage that give way to the green pine forests of larch, fir and stone pine. Here all the nature lovers will be able to enjoy numerous pleasant excursions including the one in the Alevé forest, the largest extension of European pine in Europe, and admire from the Sampeyre hill some breath-taking views of Monviso up to the three thousand meters of the Cozie Alps.


Treasures of art to be discovered, a suggestive medieval village, ancient palaces, churches, paths in the green to savor the woods, the orchards, the unspoiled nature.

The Varaita Valley is treasures of art to discover, a suggestive medieval village, ancient palaces, churches, paths in the green to savour the woods, the orchards, the uncontaminated nature, but it is also the land of wood artisans with laboratories scattered in each countryside, ceramics from Rore, produced according to ancient methods, and the land of the Piasco harps, famous all over the world.

Not to mention the gastronomic and fruit and vegetable specialties, here you can taste: ravioles, bread, tumin di Melle, grapes and Quagliano wine, chestnuts, apples, aromatic herbs.

Fairs and events:

• Casteldelfino – Sagra delle mele e delle erbe aromatiche – August
• Costigliole Saluzzo- Sagra dell’uva Quagliano – September
• Frassino – Fiera dei prodotti occitani – August
• Melle – Sagra del Tumin – August
• Rossana, Piasco e Venasca – Sagra delle castagne – October

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