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The province of Cuneo is a real paradise for sports lovers who can indulge themselves to the wide range of activities.


  • Golf Club Cherasco
    At the foot of the ancient city of Cherasco, where the Tanaro river meets the Stura, stands the Cherasco Golf Club. Playing on its 18 hole course, it is easy to be attracted by the wonderful scenery that surrounds it: the rolling hills of the Langhe and further away the chain of the Alps with the imposing summit of Monviso.
  • Limone Golf Club
    Located at over 1000 metres above sea level, the 9-hole course extends into a pristine valley among the typical mountain-style houses. It is characterised by slopes and gradients that make the game varied and fun, but the smaller greens, the numerous water obstacles and the out of bounds require good technical skills.
  • Golf Club Boves
    This Golf Club extends along the bed of the Gesso stream that runs along the western side of the village of Boves. It was born from a project by the Canadian architect Graham Cooke, who designed an 18-hole course. The golf club, with respect for nature and all the characteristics of the area, is distinguished by the slight undulations of the terrain and the typical river vegetation. Streams, ponds and bunkers blend harmoniously into the scenery of the Maritime Alps in the background of the field, from Monviso, to the west, to the Marguareis summit, to the east and, above all, Mount Bisalta, which dominates the field with its imposing proximity.
  • Torre dei Ronchi Golf Club
    This new Golf Club Concept focuses on Golf as a unifying element for the community, as a personal and sporting growth for young people, as a relaxing therapy from the hectic everyday life, as pure fun in the name of challenges between friends or of official races FIG. The Club offers its members a Country Club House, a pro-shop, a restaurant with summer terrace, an excellent driving range and very technical 9-hole course.

Horse riding

  • Vanet cavallo
    Since 1980, it is a special place for all mountain riding lovers. Located in Demonte, at 1030 m height, at Vanet you can enjoy a spectacular view, in fact it is always exposed to the sun. The agriturismo is a good starting point for walks and treks on horseback among the Haflinger.
  • La Canunia
    Equestrian centre with a clear propensity to horseback riding understood as walks of one or more hours in the woods, meadows, and mountain routes, this is the point of reference for the off-shore trekking and training dedicated to Environmental Equestrian Guides with specialization Alpine. It is located in Lurisia.


  • In the Cuneo Alps
    You can undertake over 170 paths and daily excursions in the Cuneo valleys: great trekking, stages, rings, historical and naturalistic insights with arrival in alpine shelters and bivouacs.
  • Langhe and Roero
    There are many paths to discover the area through a form of active and experiential tourism. By foot, among the silent ridges of these hills you can discover splendid blooms, ancient hamlets, scenic trails, castles, Romanesque churches, literary places described by writers born on these hills: Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese. During the excursions, specialised guides will tell the beauties and the history of this hilly territory to discover all the secrets of Langhe and Roero.


For bike lovers the province of Cuneo offers numerous routes that can be practiced according to various methods and difficulties, with proposals suitable for everyone. Sporting souls can easily rent a road bikes, while all those who are looking for a more relaxing excursion can use the electric ones with pedal assistance.

Other sports

In the mountains of Cuneo, set between the Alps and the sea, every sport activity is possible. According to the season you can practice skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, canoeing, MTB, rafting, via ferrata, climbing and hiking trails of various difficulties. A true paradise for sports and unspoiled nature lovers.

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