Between natural parks and gastronomic specialties

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The Gesso Valley begins just beyond the town of Borgo San Dalmazzo and continues towards Valdieri where it bifurcates into the valleys of Entracque and Terme di Valdieri.


A country that must be discovered little by little, where in addition to the many gastronomic specialties such as polenta, gnocchi, omelettes, aioli and sauces, you can find an uncontaminated territory that everyone can enjoy today. It is proven by the fact that it is the  Natural Park of the Maritime Alps, among the largest in Italy with its 25,883 hectares. The park develops along the Gesso river, bordering for 30 kilometres with the Mercantour national park with which it is twinned.

Terme di Valdieri

From mid-June to mid-September they are worth a visit. Located at 1400 m, they offer hot sulphurous water flows, which is used in the form of mineral waters, algae or caves to cure a wide range of disorders.


It is a lively town located just under 1000 m in the homonymous valley and summer and winter vacation centre, Entracque offers small art jewels, such as the parish church of S. Antonino Martire which dates back to the 16th century, the homonymous fountain and the Museum of Art Sacra, and the interesting Men and Wolves Wildlife Centre, inaugurated in 2010. In winter, the meadows and slopes are transformed into alpine ski and cross-country ski runs. In the municipality of Entracque rises the Luigi Einaudi plant, the largest hydroelectric plant in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The plant consists of three spectacular reservoirs, two totally artificial (the Chiotas lake and the Piastra lake) and one obtained with minor works on the existing Lago della Rovina.

You can visit the underground power station for free on board an electric train.

Among the typical products we find besides the dairy production, the Entracque potato and the frabosana-roaschina sheep.

Fairs and events:

•    Entracque – Fiera della Patata – September
•    Entracque – Madona das Cuiette – December
•    Valdieri – Carnevale Alpino con l’Orso di Segale – March
•    Valdieri – Fraz. Sant’Anna – Festa della Segale – August
•    Valdieri – Anan a balar cun Masche e Servan – September

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