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The Monregalesi Valleys are a vast territory that includes the Casotto, Corsaglia, Ellero, Maudagna and Roburentello valleys, where you can ski in the winter (in the large Mondolé Ski area) and enjoy the pleasant coolness of the woods in summer.


Pianfei is located on a rather large area, mostly flat, about 15 km from Cuneo and not far from Mondovì. Thename derives from “Pianum Faitum”, that is, floor covered with beech trees, which however at the time constituted nothing more than a small town around which there were several hamlets and hamlets.

Vicoforte Mondovì

It is a country rich in history and traditions that owes its fame not only to the famous Sanctuary, but also to its geographical position. A town treasure of art and faith that welcomes 500 thousand visitors a year.

Villanova Mondovì

Very close to the important ski resorts of Lurisia, Prato Nevoso, Artesina, Frabosa Soprana, it is also a tourist destination for its ancient monuments or the Grotta dei Dossi, a vast complex of caves rich in stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the most colourful in Italy.

In the Monregalesi Valleys there is no shortage of gastronomic specialties, especially PDO Raschera produced in the mountain pastures of the valleys and expertly seasoned in a Pamparato cave, a classic example of a medieval mountain village, and a town famous also for the production of corn biscuits. Here you can taste the Saracen polenta, the “cupeta” (dried fruit with honey enclosed in wafers) and the Dolcetto wine produced in the Monregalesi valleys.

Fairs and events:

• Frabosa Soprana – Fiera del Raschera e del Bruss – August
• Frabosa Sottana – Sagra della Castagna – Premio della Castagna d’Oro – October
• Pamparato – Maestri del Gusto in Fiera – Easter
• Pamparato – Fiera del grano saraceno e della castagna bianca – November
• Santuario di Vicoforte – Festa della natività di Maria Vergine –  September
• Villanova Mondovì – Dialoghi di Eula (Politics Festival) April – Festa dell’Addolorata (Patronal Feast) a settembre – BEE (Pasture cheeses fair) – November

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