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Dear readers,

Summer has begun and, with the usual enthusiasm, IDEA Tourism magazine proposes a special issue dedicated to the whole territory of the province of Cuneo, with a journey through its main cities rich in history and culture, the wine landscapes of Langhe and Roero, part of the UNESCO world heritage and, with a special eye on  the Cuneo Valleys which, this year, have an exceptional spokesperson: Stefania Belmondo, world champion of the tiring and noble discipline of cross-country skiing. She has a real Cuneo heart and roots and she is certainly the most representative “testimonial” to increase and promote the beautiful valleys of the province of Cuneo (Piedmont – Italy).

From mid-July the charming towns located on the slopes of our mountains and the many paths are populated by Italian tourists and, for some years now, also by excursionists and foreign visitors from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA, France, Holland and England. At high altitudes our shelters are very popular and have always stood out for their functionality. During the walks to reach them you can admire breath-taking views and discover the unspoiled nature, rich in fauna and flora, which characterizes our valleys making it an essential destination for enthusiasts of all ages.

This issue of IDEA Tourism magazine aims to disseminate updated and qualified information relating to the artistic, socio-cultural and food and wine heritage of the entire province of Cuneo. The main objective is to spread around the world the distinctive features of a land that has a lot to tell and let tourists live.

Happy holidays in the province of Cuneo (Piedmont – Italy).

Carlo Borsalino

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