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On the weekend of 6th and 7th July, this characteristic village of the Langhe will host, in addition to the protagonists of culture and music, great food products and great wines to lead you in a journey through five senses, among flavours and aromas of the “made in Italy”.

Collisioni, however, is not just a great international music and meetings event with the masters of world literature and cinema, in fact, the festival, with its intense programme, also pays tribute to the landlord, the Barolo wine to and all the great wines and food products that make this land one of the most  famous in the world.  

During the festival, the squares and the streets of Barolo will lead you through a real journey through the culture of wine and quality Italian food.

In Barolo, in fact, you will not find industrial any food, because only producers coming from all over Italy will manage the stands. The offer will range from the great wines of the Langhe to the focaccia from Recco, from the Sardinian Vermentino to the PDO cheeses of Assopiemonte, from the Piedmontese cured meats to the traditional pasta, from the great white wines from Friuli to San Daniele ham. For this Festival, the Asti Docg Consortium will refresh the public with cocktails created by the bar-tender to enhance the qualities of the official bubbles of the Collisioni Festival. But you can also find the excellent wines of the Altalanga Consortium, the gourmet sandwiches prepared by Molino Quaglia and the Inalpi Burger with 100% Piedmontese dairy cheese.

“Wine & Food”, the project under the lead of Ian D’Agata , senior editor of  “Vinous”

Ian d’Agata

Now in its eighth edition in 2019, the Wine project is the “historical heart” of the Collisioni programme dedicated to food and wine. It was born with the aim to bring together in Barolo some of the most important wine professionals coming from all over the world and the greatest wines that Italy has to offer.

Also this year, from the 2nd to the 8th of July, the names of those who have been invited to take part in the events are sign of warranty. There will be present the master sommelier Angela Watt, restaurant manager and sommelier at the restaurant La Quercia and The Wine Bar Office in Vancouver; Anne Martin, head sommelier and senior manager of beverage at “Mlse”, the leader of all sporting events in Toronto and Canada; César Basurto, Southeast Regional Sales Manager for The Sorting Table, importer and distributor of high-end and niche wines; Francesco Marzola, best sommelier of the Nordics 2018 and wine director of the Elysee restaurant, at Park Hotel Vossevangen, which won the best wine list in Norway in 2018 and 2019; Martynas Pravilonis, head sommelier at the Kempinski Hotel, named the most important luxury hotel in all of Lithuania, in 2017, for the second year in a row, Lithuania’s best sommelier; Sally Kim, head sommelier of the Delfina Group, which includes pizzerias, high-end restaurants and wine bars and a store in California; Colin Wee, founder and consultant of the import house Fermented Connection; Elizabeth-Rose Mandatou, co-owner of the restaurants Woodlake Tavern, Uptown Pizza Kitchen and Allora, opened in 2018 and already appointed by the guides for its list of over 250 wines, most of them Italian; the Danish Frederik Orbeck, owner of the house to import the Esprit du Vin; Steve McDonald, master sommelier, head sommelier for the local Galleria of the Texas chain of Steakhouse Pappas Bros, and many other guests from Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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