The Monregalese Valleys

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The Ellero, Maudagna, Corsaglia and Ruburent and Casotto valleys form the renowned Monregalese Valleys that can be visited from Villanova Mondovì, whose first historical records date back to 1212.

In the centre of the village worth a visit the ex-Church of S. Caterina and the former Confraternity of S. Croce, built by Bernardo Vittone. Leaving the inhabited centre, Roccaforte Mondovì and the Sanctuary of Santa Lucia are worth a visit. Scattered here and there, however, we encounter several hamlets: Dho, Bertini, Pieve di S. Maurizio, Prea and Sant’Anna. Then, in Roccaforte Mondovì, the thermal resort of Lurisia, known for its cold radioactive waters, is used to fight gout, arthritis, hypertension, diseases of the eyes and the digestive system. Shortly afterwards, there is Frabosa Sottana with its 16th century parish church of S. Giorgio, but known above all for the ski resorts of Artesina and Prato Nevoso.

Frabosa Sottana is a tourist destination as well as for sports activities also for the church of San Giovanni Battista, designed by Francesca Gallo. From the Corsaglia Valley you can reach the Bossea Caves rich in stalactites and stalagmites, and crossed by a stream that generates as many as 5 lakes. On the other hand, at 796 m, Montaldo Mondovì makes a fine show, while returning to the bottom valley there is Monastero Vasco and then the Vicoforte sanctuary, a pilgrimage site since the 16th century, built at the behest of Carlo Emanuele I and famous for the largest elliptical dome in the world among those in masonry. Continuing along the S.S. 28 you reach San Michele Mondovì with the lovely chapels of S. Antonio and Sant ‘Elena. Instead, Monasterolo Casotto offers an nice historic centre, while Roburent is dominated by a feudal tower and the ruins of the castle. The last municipality, worthy of note however, is Pamparato with the church of S. Biagio and the oratory of S. Antonio.

Bossea caves

In some similar ways, these valleys which are part of the Ligurian Alps that historically and geographically gravitate towards Mondovi, extend for about 35,000 hectares. Of those mentioned above, the largest are the Ellero, which extends for 25 kilometres, and the Corsaglia, which extends over 20 kilometres. Each has its own specificities, which contribute to making the whole place even more inviting, especially for tourists, who have good reasons to stay in the area as much in winter (just think of the great area of Artesina, Pratonevoso and Frabosa Soprana and the welcoming minor stations) that in summer, where hiking and outdoor activities are the masters (the attraction of the numerous caves present is also noteworthy).

In the upper Casotto Valley, on the other hand, there is the homonymous castle, known as a summer Savoy residence. There are dozens of frescoed and well preserved medieval chapels where you come across the valleys.

Valcasotto castle

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