The Po cities and the masterpieces of art

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The characteristic mark of the area lies in its very name: the Po, the longest and most representative Italian river.

Bagnolo Piemonte

This town of the Infernotto Valley is famous for its mountains dotted with quarries of  lamellar grey gneiss and “Luserna” stones known throughout the world.


It is located in the Infernotto valley and it is a place all to discover. Located at 363 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by hills,  and nestled between the northern slope of Monte Bracco and Monte Media.


It owes its great development to the remarkable establishment of commercial, artisanal and industrial activities, but above all to the influx of summer and winter tourism. It is a destination for skiers because the chair-lift for Pian Croesio plants starts from Pian Munè.


This town of the valley bottom, offers some masterpieces of art among those: the Marquis Chapel inside the town hall, the imposing Collegiate church, which represents the transition from medieval Gothic art to Renaissance and Baroque art, and the famous Abbey of Staffarda, with the facade and portico of the church dating back to the 12th and 16th centuries. Beside you can admire the four-sided cloister with a splendid garden in the centre.

Abbey of Staffarda

Fairs and events:

• Bagnolo Piemonte – Fiera Regionale della Pietra – biennale – June
• Barge – Golosità del Monviso –  July
• Barge –  Ottobrata – October
• Pagno – Esposizione ortofrutticola della valle Bronda –  October
• Revello – Sagra della pesca – July

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