Two small valleys to admire

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Mongia and Cevetta are two small valleys that with their gentle slopes mark the beginning of the hilly Langa area.


It is a quiet town that preserves the central arcaded street. But to savour its aromas, it is better to walk through its ancient arcades and, in the silence of the steps that take you back to the past, discover its many businesses and authentic gastronomic delicacies. Ceva is the vital fulcrum of the two valleys, a village enclosed in the small wedge obtained from the Tanaro and the Cevetta stream, famous for the goodness of the mushrooms found in the surroundings. Already mentioned by Pliny for the virtues of its cheeses, it was endowed with an imposing sabaudo fort, subsequently demolished during the Napoleonic rule, from which today it is enjoyed the exceptional panorama on the Alps, the Langhe and the plain. In the historic centre characterized by arcaded streets, the fourteenth-century Guelph tower of Brolio stands out. Ceva also has a pretty little theatre inaugurated in 1861 and named after playwrights Carlo and Leopoldo Marenco.

In the municipality of Montezemolo, in the upper Cevetta Valley, there is a part of the area of ​​the Special Nature Reserve of the Sorgenti del Belbo, a rare example of a mid-mountain marsh area. In the Langa Cebana area, near Sale S.Giovanni, there is the Prandi Arboretum: about 12 hectares of natural environment rich in arboreal and herbaceous plants of considerable botanical and environmental interest.

The main waterway is the Tanaro which runs through the territory of the Municipality of Ceva, where it meets the first hilly ridges of the Langhe.

Sale San Giovanni

Sale S. Giovanni

Among the most interesting places from the monumental point of view we mention the castle of Lesegno (of the Marquises of the Carretto), the castle of Mombasiglio (seat of the General Bonaparte Museum), the castle of the Marquises Incisa di Camerana in Sale S. Giovanni, the imposing castle of the Marquises del Carretto in Saliceto and the medieval tower of Priero, 36 meters high.

Fairs and events:

• Ceva – Mostra del Fungo – Mostra Mercato Regionale – Septmber
• Ceva – Antica Fiera di Santa Lucia – December
• Montezemolo – Fiera Regionale del Miele – July
• Sale San Giovanni – Non solo Erbe – June

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