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In the heart of the Roero, this charming town, raises the enogastronomy of the area through its numerous events.

The current economic landscape that characterises the thriving “Capital of Roero” is varied and ranges from industry to trade to craftsmanship, but the towing component, the most important, remains agriculture. In particular, Bra has specialized in the cultivation of top quality vegetables and sees as ideal area the one which runs on the state road between Bra and Alba. For more than two centuries, the historic vegetable gardens have handed down the secrets of a profitable cultivation that combines the productive activity with the commercial one of the vegetables themselves. The “gardeners”, as they were once called, based their production on the community, understood as a sense of solidarity, and founded, at the end of the last century, a first representative company and in 1930 the church of the gardens was built.

Unlike many other areas where agriculture, over the years, has been largely abandoned to leave room for advancing technology in industry, the production of vegetables in Bra has been able to sustain the confrontation with new ideas, developing an innovative state-of-the-art  and new cultivation techniques.

Bra is famous in Italy and in the world for being the home of the Slow Food movement, for its excellent sausage and for the international events such as Cheese, the most important international event dedicated to raw milk and dairy cheeses.

Cheese 2019: natural is possible

From 20th to 23th September, the international event dedicated to raw milk and dairy cheeses organised by the City of Bra and Slow Food with the support of the Piedmont Region is back in Bra.

The theme of this edition, “Natural is possible“, turns the spotlight on invisible biodiversity made up of bacteria, enzymes and yeasts, silently under attack by the increasingly widespread use of crops selected by industry. Here is the new area dedicated to fermier producers: small, sometimes very small farms that only transform the milk of their animals, they mainly practice grazing and produce cheeses without selected ferments or with self-produced ferments. The two new training events on the techniques of production of natural cheeses and self-produced enzymes ares cheduled on Thursday 19th September. For the exhibitors of the event, both Italian and international.

Cheese 2019 widens the window on the excellent production of cold cuts without nitrites and nitrates and naturally leavened breads.

We will find the natural khaki in tasting in the Gran sala dei Formaggi, while the Enoteca, among the 600 labels proposed, will include also a selection of the best Triple A. Three conferences about cheeses, cured meats and natural breads and on their industrial counterpart are included in the 2019 programme While Slow Food is assigned the main educational role, always starting from the pleasure of knowing through food, with the path for the grass I would like, dedicated to visiting families and school students. But the news does not end here. The Fucina Pizza Pane and Pasticceria, will manage an educational space dedicated to the connection between leavening and dairy products; it will make its debut at Cheese, in collaboration with Agugiaro & Figna Molini, with 12 appointments mainly for women in an sector, that of white art, historically male.

We will have then the large Italian and international market with over 300 exhibitors and to the ‘Via degli affinatori‘ which increasingly recognise in Cheese an event to create network.

In addition to the other Italian regions that choose Cheese as a stage to tell about territories, communities, techniques and dairy traditions, it will be important the participation of the Piedmont Region, in relation to the Terre Alte area that will bring to the fore the theme of the hilly and mountain areas, intended as a possible way for a living and sustainable agriculture that produces income and hope, and for a new tourism, worthy of respect and eager for authentic knowledge. As always in Cheese there will be no shortage of street kitchens and food trucks, the Piazza della Birra and the regional kiosks, the Piazza del Gelato and the Casa Libera del Burro, …

The event programme is already available online at with the possibility of purchasing all the events by reservation.


Pollenzo is the most famous hamlet of Bra, on whose square there is an architectural complex of buildings that recall the ancient splendour of one of the private residences of the royal family. Within these ancient premises, for some years there is the University of Gastronomic Sciences that has involved students from all over the world in its courses, while the characteristic tower that stands out on the square houses the Wine Bank, where some of the best known Italian cru are kept and aged. In the last edition of Cheese it was developed the idea to create a Master dedicated to raw milk cheeses at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, which will be officially presented during the event.

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