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Palio Montis Regalis

Until September 8th the traditional appointment with the Palio Montis Regalis takes place, this competitive event that involves the town and its surroundings. Many different and funny competitions among the town districts will liven up the days in Parco Europa.

From 31st August to 1st September: Night treasure hunt (from 9.00 pm to 12.00 am of the following day)

1st September – Parco Europa:  Foot-golf

                                              Torneo di Bocce Quadre


3rd September – Parco Europa: Route in stages

From 4th to 5th  September – Parco Europa: Mondopoli

7th September – Parco Europa and Altipiano: Soft Air

7th September – Parco Europa: Foto Quiz, that will end with the ‘Feu dla Madona’ fireworks show

8th September – Parco Europa: Formula Uno

                                              Palio Quiz

                                             Medieval Park

Saturday 7th September the “Geria trio” will end the music events: an unmissable event with 3 Masters of the Monregalese Music, Pelo Gregorio, Pippo Bessone and Tiliuccio Ferrua. A mix of styles and different genres, that will satisfy all tastes. At 10.30 pm is scheduled a special appointment with the traditional fireworks show of the “I Feu dla Madòna”.

Wake Up Festival

On September 14th the Wake Up is back, this music festival, dedicated to new music trends and new communication medium is the most intriguing event of the year, which attracts people from all over Italy and from all over the world.

Saturday 14th September the Wake Up Festival welcomes J-Ax + Articolo 31 (concert)

“Rings of View” by Cecil Kemperink

Until September 29th it will be possible to visit the personal exhibition of the Dutch artist Cecil Kemperink, winner of the “Open to Art” award, organised by Officine Saffi Milan and of which the Monregalese museum, directed by Christiana Fissore, is a partner, which chose to host the artist and to curate a review at the end. This project is the refined combination of textile and ceramic arts that is the theme of the “Rings of view” exhibition: protagonists large ceramic meshes, which are movable and ringing, with a great evocative power.

The contrasts and the welds become kaleidoscopes and the expressive possibilities of her moving sculptures merely amplify a play of references, quotations and evocations. Cecil Kemperink from June 19th worked in the UP, the internal Production Unit of the Museum, where she realised the complete ceramics processing cycle. The work of this artist recalls the history of the Museum. An example is that of the rooms in which the art of lace blends with that of the production of crockery, where lace becomes stamps for the decoration of ceramics.

Cecil Kemperink was born in Almelo (Holland) in 1963 and she works and lives on the island of Texel (Holland). After graduating, she dedicated herself to the art of the lathe, thus beginning a path of in-depth knowledge, accompanied by what the artist calls “the urgency of speaking through clay”. From those first laps of the wheel of the lathe, the creative universe of the artist began and expanded, first with small decoration works and soon with large installations and the production of art objects. Cecil Kemperink’s works are the expression of his many passions: fabrics, clay, dance, fashion and sculpture. The artist has produced installations, performances and fashion shows. His works have been exposed in Italy, in South Korea (ROK), in Japan (Mino), in France (Biennial of Vallauris) and in several international museums and galleries. Some works are to enter permanent collections, for example in Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF collection), in the CODA Museum (Netherlands), The Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts in Kecskemét (Hungary), but also in many private collections.

Piano 10/24

Until September 30th all musicians and piano players can relax by playing the piano located in Piazza Maggiore. The use is free and without time limits, from 10 am to midnight.

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