Rooster rice

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200g/7oz Carnaroli rice, 100g/30.35oz rooster crests, 250g/9oz rooster, 100g/3½ oz. vegetable for the broth, aromatic herbs, 20ml/½ fl. oz. cognac, 20ml/½ fl. oz. marsala, 1 lemon, 50g/2oz poplar mushrooms, 15g/½ oz. sage oil.


To make the broth put together rooster, vegetable, herbs and cognac. Boil the rooster crests in the water, then wash them and sprinkle with cognac, marsala and lime. Cook the rice with the rooster broth. Whisk parmesan and home-made butter; you can obtain it stewing the rooster skins. Put the rice in a plate, cover with the rooster crests, some lemon cubes, the mushrooms and dress with a drizzle of sage oil.

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