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A double event will open the stage of Cheese 2019; according to the tradition there will be starred and awarded chefs ready to amaze the public with very unique recipes.

This years all the appointments of the Appuntamenti a Tavola programme are hosted in Pollenzo, at the Garden Restaurant of the Albergo dell’Agenzia or at the Tavole Accademiche (the canteen of the Gastronomic Sciences University). On Friday evening will be three ex-students to liven up the dinner at the Garden Restaurant with “Ritorno al futuro: da studenti a chef chiocciolati“.

After the experience of UNISG, these students decided to use their studies to manage as many taverns, all awarded with the Chiocciola in the Osterie d’Italia guidebook, feeding them with the freshness of their ideas and with a large kitchen, made of exceptional raw materials and cooking skills. In the kitchen, you will find the Pavesi brothers from the homonymous Osteria in Podenzano (Pc), Luca Grazielli from Cascina Lago Scuro in Stagno Lombardo (Cr) and Andrea Riboni from Locanda Solagna in Quero Vas (Bl).

Gastronomic Sciences University

Simultaneously with the Tavole Accademiche, there will be “The goat: from meat to cheese”, a four-handed dinner focused on goat meat and cheese,  prepared by James Whetlor and Alessandro Grano, from the United Kingdom. On the one hand James, who conceived the Cabrito project to educate the population on the consumption of kid meat and reintroduce cheese-making waste into the food system. On the other, the Pugliese Alessandro Grano from La Fromagerie in London, who brings his proposals to witness the attention to the changing of the seasons and the passion for quality raw materials.

Sunday 22nd,  in “Tradition is innovation: the shapes of milk and pasta according to Eugenio Boer“, the Italian-Dutch chef will prepare a dinner played on the shapes of milk and pasta, from the amuse-bouche to the dessert, thanks to the collaboration of the Pastificio Di Martino. After a journey articulated in the largest European kitchens, Boer reached the first Michelin star in Milan and now continues his journey in the restaurant that bears his name, proposing a reasoned, balanced and sophisticated author’s kitchen.

We will close with a bang on Monday 23rd with the best of the Cuneo valleys that will bring the aromas and nuances of “fit” milks, on the table. Creators of the dinner “Inside the finest cheeses there is a blade of grass – Discovering the milks of the Cuneo valleys” will be the chefs of the Reis – Cibo libero di Montagna di Frassino, of  Il Nazionale in Vernante, de Lou Pitavin of Marmora, of the Locanda del Falco in Valdieri and the restaurant of the Albergo della Pace in Sambuco.

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Appuntamenti a tavola

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