The Alba white truffle in the kitchen

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The truffle has almost entered the Piedmontese cuisine with a low profile, thanks to the Savoyard cooks (already accustomed to using the black one).

During the last century, the fame of the Tuber magnatum has spread around the world, conquering the finest tables.

The voluptuous versatility and the unique ability to make each dish great contribute to make this underground mushroom very special.

Just a few grams, about ten, are enough to embellish a course. The recipes for using truffles come from the versatility of the product, which adds value to each dish without the latter being designed specifically for the truffle itself.

A few tips

A few tips to enjoy the white truffle: eat it raw, cut with a special truffle cutter on dishes that tend to be neutral, an essential basis for enhancing the articulated, intense and overwhelming scent. The raw chopped meat, the fried egg, plain tajarin and the fondue are perhaps the best examples of how the scent of truffles can surprise.

Storage and cleaning

Store in a refrigerator (3/6 ° C) wrapped in absorbent paper and enclosed in a glass container. A truffle fresco can be kept for about a week, but it should be consumed as soon as possible.

The truffle must be cleaned with a brush under cold water to remove any lump of earth. Then it must be dried with care and consumed after about ten minutes.

It is subject to a slight weight loss.

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