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Here are all the events that will take place this month in the city of Castile.

WEDNESDAY 2 OCTOBER 9 pm Teatro magda Olivero
Premio Bella Ciao a Maurizio Landini, Segretario generale CgIL Organised by the Ass. Culturale Bella Ciao
Info: pignattaroberto@gmail.com – info@cinemateatromagdaolivero.it

SATURDAY OCTOBER 5 Castello di Castella
Voxonus Festival – Dalle Alpi al mare ensemble barocco “Réunion de Musiciens” Organised by the Associazione Orchestra Sinfonica di Savona Info: IAT – info@orchestrasavona.it

Mattoncinomania. Exhibition dedicated to the world of Lego collectibles and games organised by branded Giochi Infanzia and alexandra Meia
Info: info@bollati.it – tel. 339 3597416

SUNDAY OCTOBER 6th all day City centre
Mercantico Saluzzo: antique, second hand and craft market organised by the Amleto Bertoni Foundation
Info: Fab

SUNDAY OCTOBER 6th from 3pm to 6pm sede of the Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo – BPER group (cash desk area), free admission to all, access from Corso Italia 86
The stall – Books for everyone! On the occasion of the Mercantico, the new Board of Directors of the CR Saluzzo Foundation ordered the first edition of “La bancarella – Books for all”, a special occasion to offer citizens and the inhabitants of the Saluzzo area free copies of art volumes, CDs and DVDs history, literature, narrative, purchased by the Foundation itself in recent years, by local and non-local publishers.

DOMENICA 6 OTTOBRE ore 15 City centre
Ciao si gira, Ciak sings! Visit dedicated to film sets filmed in Saluzzo with curiosities and anecdotes on the backstage of the entertainment world. to follow Concert of “I Polifonici del Marchesato” in Castile.
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

WEDNESDAY 9th OCTOBER 5.15 pm Civic Library
A fabulous afternoon. Loud readings for children made as part of the “Born to Read” project.
Info: Biblioteca civica – 0175 211451 biblioteca@comune.saluzzo.cn.it

THURSDAY 10th OCTOBER Antico Refettorio San Giovanni
Stamp issue of the City of Saluzzo organised by the Municipality
Info: Ufficio Servizi alla Persona Tel. 0175 211438

FROM SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER TO SUNDAY 1st DECEMBER opening Friday 11th October 6 pm Castiglia
Show contemporary artists “Dentro il Disegno” curated by Ugo Giletta and Lóránd Hegyi
Info: IAT – FAB – studio@ugogiletta.it  Organised by Fondazione Amleto Bertoni in collaborazione con Associazione ur/ca

SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER 9pm Teatro magda Olivero
Concert: “Corale le Tre Valli – 50 anni di canto popolare a Saluzzo” organised  dal Gruppo corale Le Tre Valli
Info: IAT – Tel. 339 2602501 – 349 0535737 info@coraleletrevalli.it

SUNDAY 13TH OCTOBER 10 am Piazza Cavour
Nastro Rosa Walk organised by the Italian League for the fight against cancer Delegation of Saluzzo
Info: saluzzo@legatumoricuneo.it Tel. 0175 42344.

SUNDAY 13TH OCTOBER 4pm Castiglia
The @Coopculture family workshops on the occasion of the National Family Day at the Museum – F @ Mu – a pleasant afternoon in the company of the protagonists of the book “trek & bike and Leonardo’s Mountain” by Enrico Sabena and Paola Oreglia with the participation of the kite artist Edoardo Borghetti.
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th  All day Foro Boario Pala CRS
Small animals market “A day with the Piedmontese breeds”: white from Saluzzo, Piedmontese blonde, Cappone di Morozzo, gray Rabbit from Carmagnola. Organized by the Municipality of Saluzzo
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 5 pm Castiglia
The night and its mysteries Stories and events of nocturnal events, masche and heretics, between legend and reality, in a guided tour waiting for Halloween and the knights of the Rifreddo witches
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 5 pm Via gualtieri
“La moda secondo noi 2” organised by the Merchants of via Gualtieri
Info: slalom.saluzzo@libero.it 348 6999003 – 331 862808

SUNDAY OCTOBER 27th in the morning Corso Italia
19th National meeting of the marquisate Fiat 500-600 and derivatives 11.15 am departure of the tour “Nella terre del Maresato” organised by Fiat 500 Club Italia Coordination of Saluzzo. Info: saluzzo.500@gmail.com Tel. 339 2639051 – 333 4517030

SUNDAY 27TH OCTOBER 4 pm Castiglia
@Coopculture Games for families, treasure hunts, scary stories and manual laboratories for children to prepare for the Halloween party
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

THURSDAY 31th OCTOBER 5 pm Civic Library
A fabulous afternoon … for Halloween Animated readings for children and to follow a creative workshop
Info: IAT – 800392789 – saluzzo@coopculture.it

Uvernada – Occit’amo Festival organised by the Municipality of Saluzzo and the Amleto Bertoni Foundation in collaboration with APM

Uvernada 2019


THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER 6.00 pm Teatro magda Olivero

Presentation of the Sound of the Future Remote Project; at 7.30 pm the friction drums
Free entry

Suoni del Futuro Remoto Partitura per orchestra e Suoni Natural
Admission € 5

9.30 pm – the dances open! Off with Lou Tapage and their new album – Occit’amo took part in the production – GOOD NEWS: songwriter, popular music and rock mix to talk about the mountain, but in a new way
11 pm – Lou Dalfin takes the stage, more than 1400 concerts since 1991, soul and body of Uvernada and Occitan music, the bishops of tradition. After the great September party in Valle, in Demonte, in October a meeting of the Occitan people returns to Saluzzo, a party to greet a beautiful summer in music, the Occit’amo summer, passed between shelters, sunsets, sunrises, churches and woods, torches and stages.
Single ticket € 8

Info: FAB

If there is a party that has characterised the musical renaissance of the Occitan valleys, accompanying it in recent years, it is precisely this: the Invernada. Born as a twinning with Rodez’s Estivada, Uvernada has seen, in these 8 years, alternating the main groups of Occitan music and a whole series of “contiguous” formations, always before a variegated audience, grown and consolidated over time . Talvera and Lou Seriol in Castanha and Vinòvel, passing through Modena City Ramblers, Africa Unite, Dubioza Kolektiv and a myriad of other groups, the most disparate sounds celebrated the rite of a meeting that sees in the most true and ancient spirit of the culture of òc, due to inclusion and exchange, its own reason for being.

This year’s edition tells the meeting of cultures and discovers musical research. Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, arrives in Saluzzo. From a project created in collaboration with the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, the Onyx Jazz Club of Matera and the High Musical Specialization School of Saluzzo, a great concert that sees its origins in the sounds of a place, Matera, mixed, combined and mastered, above all , sampled by a great American artist. An innovative, unique concert, an orchestra that tells about a territory and a tradition through music. For the occasion, the sounds of Matera will be mixed and mixed with those of Saluzzo to really tell the meeting between cultures and realities far from each other.

Suoni del futuro remoto

Partitura per orchestra e suoni naturali – MATERA – PRODOTTO CON ONYX JAZZ CLUB

What is the sound of a city, as is its melody? Every place has a sound that represents it and that is composed of natural sounds, from those produced by its communities, from typical places, from those that transform over time.

Sounds of the Remote Future, a project by Onyx Jazz Club co produced by the Matera-Basilicata Foundation 2019 was created to tell in a different way, through this characteristic, a unique and ancient city like Matera. The project, started in 2018, developed through a series of “sound tests” of acoustically interesting places in the city. Live performances by musicians and artists have experimented with the particular sounds to tell an unprecedented sound itinerary. The most important task, that of recording the sounds, was entrusted to the students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Basilicata, the UniBanda students who worked with their colleagues from the University of Hannover and with the experts from the Scuola di Alto Musical improvement of Saluzzo. From the natural sounds of the Gravina to those of the patronal festival passing through the sounds of the squares, the alleys, the craft shops, everything has turned into musical notes.

The material arrived in the hands of a skilled American musician, Joe Johnson who, together with the Onyx Collective, gave life to a real orchestral score that will be performed world-wide on September 26th in Matera in a concert in which he will participate as a guest of honor the trumpeter Paolo Fresu.

In Saluzzo the sounds of Matera will mix with those of Saluzzo for a true meeting and exchange between the two realities.

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