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Autumn has almost come and with it also the fruits of the season par excellence: chestnuts, undisputed ruler of fairs and flea markets. Here are the October upcoming events dedicated to chestnut in the Cuneo province:

  • 31 ^ GALÀ DELLA CASTAGNA D’ORO in Frabosa Sottana from 4th to 6th October.
    WHEN: Fri. from 8 pm to midnight, Sat. from 10am to midnight, Sun. from 8 am to 8 pm.
    WHEN: October week-ends
    The event features exhibitions, street artists, music, transhumance, themed food and wine tours, markets with valley products, parties throughout the month, conferences and themed meetings and of course roasted chesntunts. Saturday 12th October from 6.30 pm evening food and wine tour through Borgo Valsorda, Sunday 13th October chestnut festival in the Borgo Maggiore from 3.00 pm. Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October transhumance, peasant and chestnut traditions at the Pro Loco Exhibition Area.
    WHEN: October 6th
    Fair of typical local products with the possibility of purchase, musical animations and thematic exhibitions. Opening hours: Friday-Saturday evening entertainment, Sunday 8am-6pm.
  • 17th VALLEY FAIR – 42nd GRAN CASTAGNATA in Roccabruna on 12th and 13th October.
    The fair is a showcase of local artisan and agro-food products and neighbouring valleys. The Gran Castagnata completes the event with the tasting of typical products such as “mundaj” (roasted chestnuts) and “bignette”, enlivening the atmosphere with music and dancing. The event also includes shows, gastronomic moments and the Saturday night dinner. WHEN: Sat. 4pm-8pm, Sun. 9am-8pm.
  • FESTIVAL DEL MARRONE – 57th EDITION in Roccavione on October 13th.
    The Festival del Marrone has reached its 57th edition: over half a century of history during which the chestnut, which has always been one of the main foods for the Val Vermenagna, is the host. The events scheduled for what is considered the oldest Piedmontese chestnut festival will be many: from the distribution of roasted chestnuts to folkloristic and cultural moments. Opening hours: 10am-6pm
  • CHESTNUTS AND MUSIC in Roccaforte Mondovì on October 13th.
    The typical chestnut Sunday, with music and stalls along the streets of the town is back. WHEN: Sun from 3pm
  • 21st NATIONAL BROWN FAIR in Cuneo from 18 to 20 October.
  • THE GRANDE CASTAGNATA in Frabosa Soprana on 19th and 20th October.
    The event, organised by the Proloco di Frabosa Soprana in collaboration with the Municipality of Frabosa Soprana, promotes typical local seasonal products: Raschera cheese, mushrooms from the surrounding woods, meliga biscuits and chestnuts, roasted in countless and big pans. You will see the sweet and savoury market and the traditional Street Artists Festival, the distribution of roasted chestnuts and wine and the animation in the square, these are just some of the elements of the programme. Opening hours: Sat. from 3pm to 6pm.
    This is the most complete showcase of the typical events of the Varaita Valley: from gastronomy to excellent craftsmanship, from agricultural and livestock products to cultural tradition, without neglecting the tourism and environmental projects of the valley. Opening hours: Sat. 8am-midnight, Sun. 8am-8pm
  • CHESTNUT FESTIVAL IN MONTALDO MONDOVÌ at Montaldo Mondovì on 20th October. The event includes, in addition to the participation of local exhibitors and producers, the chance to taste the typical local products that together with the chestnut hand down ancient flavours: the Bruss, the Raschera, the polenta and the meliga biscuits. Opening hours: 9 am-7pm
  • CHESTNUT FESTIVAL in Roburent on 20th October.
    The Chestnut Festival now on its 53rd edition proposes roasted chestnuts distribution in the streets of the town with the entertainment offered by Occitan groups. WHEN: all day
  • CASTAGNATA DI ORMEA in Ormea on 20th October.
    Starting from 3pm roasted chestnuts distribution with a good glass of ormeasco wine, music and dances. At 9 am, along the Via Roma, the artisan market will open and it will show many nice typical products.
  • CHESTNUT FESTIVAL OF MELLE in Melle on 20th October.
    From 9.30 am you can join the walking the historical chestnut tree, in the afternoon distribution of roasted chestnuts and Melle fritters and the local market.
  • FESTIVAL DEL MARRONE – 22nd EDITION in Chiusa Pesio on 26th and 27th October.
    Traditional festival in honour of the “Re Marrone”, a typical product of the Pesio Valley. The program includes the exhibition of local art and crafts, food stands with typical products, chestnut and môndài tastings, mulled wine and desserts, music and folk dances. Saturday 26th October: snack of the Mondaié and polenta. Sunday, October 27th: market in the  historical centre and e Pranzo del Re Marrone (lunch)! WHEN: Sat. 4.30pm-11pm, Sun. 8am-8pm
  •  BERNESS CHESTNUT in Bernezzo on October 27th.
    On Sunday, the fair will include the exhibition of typical products, the distribution of mundaj, apple and sangria fritters, music and Occitan dances. WHEN: Sun 2pm-7pm
  • CHESTNUT FESTIVAL in Roburent (Fraz. San Giacomo) on 27th October.
    The programme of the event, which will last all day, includes typical markets along the streets of the town. Tasting of typical Piedmontese dishes at the restaurant premises. Free tasting of roasted chestnuts cheered by music.

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