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The new season of the Milanollo Theatre is a consolidated event that every year manages to renew itself and offer quality shows. The billboard reflects a multidisciplinary proposal, which embraces the different languages ​​of live entertainment: the prose is the protagonist, ranging in the different genres of contemporaneity, with incursions of music, dance and circus.

Theatre season 2019/2020 from 10th October 2019 to 3rd May 2019

The season opens Saturday, November 9th with two great names of Italian theatre: Michele Placido and Anna Bonaiuto, protagonists of Piccoli crimini coniugali, taken from the eponymous best-seller by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Among surprising revelations, suspected discoveries, jealousies, misunderstandings never clarified, an incessant and necessary comparison is born to allow two people to grow together and respect each other. A fight without exclusions of blows, supported by the energetic and determined Michele Placido, in the double role of actor and director, and Anna Bonaiuto.

Waiting for 2020, the year in which the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini will be celebrated, the Balletto di Siena takes its inspiration from the magical, dreamlike world of the Rimini director, to pay homage to his cinematography and celebrate his creative genius. On the music of Nino Rota and Nicola Piovani, in Fellini, Federico’s dolce vita (Friday 22 November) extraordinary characters appear on stage and stories are evoked that have made Italian cinema immortal.

I due gemelli (Saturday 14th December) is a free adaptation by Natalino Balasso from the famous text by Carlo Goldoni. Balasso, actor, comedian and author who is characterized by a pungent and sarcastic style, is not new to these experiences, already back from the “Baruffe chiozzotte”, always a Goldonian text and always with Jurij Ferrini on stage. The plot is well known and much represented in the theatre: two identical brothers who haven’t seen each other in a long time and by chance find themselves in Verona before the wedding.

Always with an inevitable ironic style, it is also Perfetta with Geppi Cucciari, the first appointment of 2020, scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd. An exhilarating theatrical monologue that tells a month of a woman’s life through the four phases of the female cycle. The protagonist, wife and mother with two children, does a man’s job, sells cars and is damn good. Mattia Torre, scriptwriter and theatrical author, describes the female body without taboos, and a hymn to the beauty and greatness of women emerges.

Luca Doninelli accepts the difficult challenge of bringing Victor Hugo’s masterpiece to the tables of a drama theatre, fifteen hundred pages that belong to history, not only of literature, but of mankind, a work capable of speaking at any time. I Miserabili (Tuesday 4th February), directed by Franco Però, sees the protagonist in the role of Jean Valjean Franco Branciaroli, accompanied by an excellent cast of interpreters.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre, the golden couple of the Jazz age, were the emblem of the roaring Twenties, impersonating the grandeur, the glories, dancing to the whirling rhythm of the life of the time, to then suffer the devastating effects of 1929 crisis. The last waltz (Saturday 22nd February) is the show by Andrea Murchio with live music that traces their love story, from their first meeting in July 1918, during a dance at the Montgomery Country Club in Alabama, until the crisis , highlighting their extraordinary personalities, their ability to love each other madly, to live on art, literature, music, but also to lose and destroy each other.

Always overwhelming musical rhythms, on Saturday March 14th with the Bandakadabra, a whimsical wind and percussion band from Turin, an “urban fanfare” according to the effective definition of Carlin Petrin. Figurini is a comedy- musical show with vaguely surreal and Dadaist tones, capable, on occasion, of breaking down the fourth wall and creating a flow of communication with the spectators seated in the audience. Music, the only one capable of uniting imaginations, situations and seemingly irreconcilable themes, is the fil-rouge.

The Bandakadabra will also be the protagonists of the presentation of the season Thursday 10th October 2019 at the Caffè Intervallo (Piazza Turletti 7): the involving rhythms of the Turin band will be interspersed by the aperitif organized by the Cooperative Voci Erranti (info and reservations: +39 340 5568 688 –

Saturday, April 18th, not included in the season ticket, will take place an out of mind show, another stage of the theatrical journey of Voci Erranti with prisoners from the Saluzzo prison. This is a very significant artistic reality both in the local and national territory which sees, every year, the participation of one thousand spectators and fifteen hundred students involved in the Prison / School Project with the replicas that are carried out for the Educational Institutes within the Educate Project to Freedom.

The season ends with an absolute novelty for 2020, a contemporary circus show set up in a chapiteau. From 1st to 3rd May, the Piedmontese company Magda clan is engaged in the “Hemisphere”, a word here understood with two meanings: it is a part of the globe, there is also a cerebral globe. We are facing a world that mixes reality and dream, a dream that sometimes becomes a nightmare, to then transform the real life of the protagonists again. Magda Clan is an Italian contemporary circus company under 35, made up of twenty people, including acrobats, musicians and technicians raised in the best schools between Turin and Brussels. It is the artists themselves who assemble and disassemble the tent, carrying out their dream with difficulty and passion: spreading the contemporary circus and bringing wonder to the daily reality of the community around them.

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