Peccati di Gola returns to Mondovì

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The food and wine festival dedicated to the enhancement of typical products of the area of ​​the “Alpi del mare” is back with tastings, exhibitions, show cooking and a rich calendar of related initiatives (theme dinners, exhibitions, shows).


From 1st to 3rd November 2019 returns to Mondovì Peccati di Gola – XXII Regional Truffle Fair, the event dedicated to the best flavours and products of this Piedmont area. The appointment has now become part of the Monregalese traditions and it promises to be, even this year, an event able to draw the attention of the public, looking for genuine and quality products. As usual there will be many professionals involved in event, excellent showcase of agro-food, zootechnical and food and wine  products that will be presented during the exhibition-market.

Peccati di Gola and the Regional Truffle Fair is the annual appointment with the traditions and the flavours of the Mondovì culture: agro-food, zootechnical, food and wine products and much more!

The local excellences will give you the opportunity to come into direct contact with the producers, these have always been the distinguishing features of Peccati di Gola. A real itinerary of taste through the most significant places of city life.

Confirmed the formula conceived in thematic routes, introduced in 2016, which is articulated in the squares and streets of the historic centre and in the Piazza district, creating a large showcase for the agro-food excellences of the Piedmont area. The exhibition part of Peccati di Gola winds through Corso Statuto, Piazza Cesare Battisti, Via Beccaria, Piazza Roma, Piazza San Pietro, Via Sant’Agostino, Piazza Moizo, Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore and Piazza Maggiore. Also this year, entry to the event is free, and visitors can organize the route as they wish, following the directions and map provided in the information points of Corso Statuto, Via Sant’Agostino and Piazza Maggiore.

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Peccati di Gola & XXII Fiera Regionale del Tartufo

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