Sculpture Painting in Castiglione Falletto

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The interesting synergy that developed between from La Morra artist Osvaldo Mascarello, Sgarbi and the Barolo can be discovered and tasted on Saturday 5th October at 5 pm at the Chiesetta di S. Anna in Castiglione Falletto.

The guide image of the personal exhibition of the traveling artist Osvaldo Mascarello will be one of his most famous works in sculpture painting: Pampini in Langa. This creation, in fact, in addition to revealing an original, whimsical and compelling technical and stylistic refinement had a double celebration: it was included in the catalogue of the Sgarbi Collection and it was used by the La Morra winemaker Gianni Ramello to realise the label of a limited production of magnum of Barolo that will be tasted for the toast of the vernissage.

The inauguration will be held Saturday 5th October at 5 pm with tasting of Barolo by Gianni Ramello. The exhibition will be open until October 14th.

As part of the collaboration between the Municipality of Castiglione Falletto and the Art & Wine Club association, according to the project agreed by the Mayor Paolo Borgogno and the curator Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio (president of the association) for the cultural enhancement of the Chiesetta di S. Anna through art exhibitions, there will also be the suggestion of the works in Barrique Painting.

Mascarello has become a great visual narrator of the winegrowing landscapes of his Langa, which became Unesco World Heritage, and in particular of the vineyards of La Morra, where he was born in 1948 and where he has returned to live from two years. After having painted them set in the suggestive and peculiar “caves” of Mascarelli; after having described his travels in the world first with the photographic look and then with the pictorial one through the magic of shadows, after having successfully tested himself with critical appreciation and prizes in painting on canvas or table, he has indeed started a new artistic journey in a practically uncontaminated landscape: barrique painting, or the barriques painted with cycle of paintings.

Sculpture painting

Some works will be examples of painting sculptures, created starting from landscape images, and not, that dialogue with the figurative constructions in relief made with agglomerates of paint set in the shape of a mosaic to represent a pelican, a branch with vine leaves etc. The very image of the latter was selected in the prestigious catalogue of the Sgarbi Collection and was chosen by the from La Morra winemaker Gianni Ramello, president of the tourist office of La Morra, as a label for his Barolo Magnum that will be opened during the inauguration.

Barrique painting

The exhibition  will show also a painted barrique with the by now consolidated style of the traveling artist who, on the 225-liter barrel, finds a new development key: 360-degree painting or cyclic-art. Around the barrique, in fact, a landscape of the vineyards of the Langhe of Barolo rotates from dawn to sunset at the Annunziata, a visual and even chronological journey of the emotions that every visitor savours of the enchantment of the sunny Langhe.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Barrique-ok.jpg

«This new artistic expression becomes the instrument of exaltation of Mascarello’s persuasive, lyrical and icastic pictorial art – explains Fabio Carisio, curator of the exhibition – An art that could well lead to defining him as a shadow painter for his stylistic habit of representing the profiles of the protagonists in mono-duotone illuminated only by backdrops of very valuable and enchanting tonal varieties. An artistic expressiveness anchored to the landscape figurative that lends itself well to becoming a cycle of paintings  on this new support of the barrique with infinite potential ».

Suggestioni di Langa

A wide chapter of the exhibition will naturally be dedicated to landscape works about the Langa hills inserted in the shady “caves” like the lenticular visions of a photographic shot, a legacy of Mascarello’s other passion.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Cos%C3%AC-era-la-Vendemmia-2013-Acrilico-50x50.jpg
Così era la Vendemmia-2013- Acrylic 50 × 50

Gli orizzonti della terra

The traveling artist will also present some paintings, in a similar artistic expression of those of Langa, aimed at describing his travels in Africa and Asia. The exotic suggestions merge with the suffused calibrations of the chromatic gradualness of the molten backgrounds of the pictorial acrylics.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è Taj-Mahal-2014-Acrilico-su-tela-60x60.jpg
Taj Mahal-2014- Acrylic on canvas 60×60

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES: Osvaldo Mascarello was born in La Morra (Cn) in 1948 where he lives and works. From the youthful passion for drawing in pencil and charcoal he then passed to that for watercolour and then oil painting. His professional activity has led him to work often around the world, of which he has been able to capture images and emotions first through photography, today with paintings. He has exhibited in various collective and personal exhibitions in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Lazio, winning some prizes with painting sculptures.

Already in other texts the pictorial inventiveness of Osvaldo has been highlighted, which has been able to enhance the contrasts between the shadows and the backdrops moved by tonal variations on very warm colors. Now his artistic matrix is ​​also embellished with an original sculptural mosaic element (with agglomerates of paint) which becomes the figurative element that is the protagonist of the works in a lively and complete union of valuable and peculiar painting.

Osvaldo Mascarello – The prophecy of the Passion – painting on canvas

One of his works was included in the prestigious collective Bible and Sacred Wine held in Barolo in 2017-2018 alongside the engravings by Marc Chagall on the Old Testament.

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OPENING HOURS: Monday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm FREE ENTRY TO CHURCH OF S. ANNA, via v. Cavour – Castiglione Falletto info: 366-1565872,