The National Chestnut Fair of Cuneo

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The exhibition that takes place in Cuneo from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th October, is spread over three thematic areas: Piazza Galimberti, Via Roma, Piazza Virginio.

The National Chestnut Fair, now in its 21st edition, will take place in Cuneo from 18th to 20th October. It is one of the most important food and wine festivals in Italy, a unique showcase of excellence and ancient traditions of the Cuneo area. An event that makes quality its flag, where the best certified products are presented to visitors among delicious aromas and tasty tastings.

Hundreds of exhibitors, carefully selected by a pool of experts from the Municipality of Cuneo, Slow Food, Coldiretti, Confartigianato and ATL, will invade the historical centre for three days, liven up the squares of the old part of the city with aromas, flavours and colours and offering tastings of the best products of Italy and Europe.

In addition to the organised food and wine moments, the Fair also offers ample space for all the craftsmanship  excellences, alongside educational workshops, cultural initiatives, tourist proposals, exhibitions, shows and concerts.

All this makes the Fair a unique event. An unmissable event for every connoisseur and for anyone who wants to live a beautiful week immersed in the genuineness of Cuneo.


  • Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October: from 9am to 11pm
  • Sunday 20th October: from 9am to 9pm.

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The National Chestnut Fair