Discovering the Gothic-Baroque heritage of Mondovì through art

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In November, through various exhibitions, you will be able to discover all the beauty of the Monregalese art that is expressed through palaces, arches, alleys, arcades and squares.


  • VAN GOGH SHADOW until 10th November 2019.

An immersive, unforgettable and free experience. Mondovicino Outlet Village hosts the exhibition dedicated to one of the most famous 19th century painters: Vincent Van Gogh. “Van Gogh Shadow – animated paintings” is not simply an exhibition but a real event that offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the the artist’s works and relive the original atmospheres of the paintings, giving life to a journey through the colors and the creative madness of the Dutch painter. The exhibition, already hosted in several art galleries including the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, represents a unique opportunity to discover, through an engaging experience, the creative dynamics of the post-impressionist genius and his most important works among which “Fishing boats on the beach of Saintes – Maries-De-La-Mer”, “Still life with drawing board, pipe, onion and wax”, “The room in Arles”, “I Girasoli” and “Self-portrait “. The 10 paintings will come to life on high resolution screens and will offer, modified through the use of 3D technologies and videomapping, a faithful and unique vision of the places and the protagonists of the works.

Info: tel. +39 0174 553 035 –

  • INFINITUM until 6th January 2020.

The church of San Francesco Saverio called “La Missione”, a Baroque jewel of Mondovì, reopens to the public with an innovative, interactive and engaging path. Lighting installations, touch screens and virtual reality will support visitors in the discovery of the famous artistic and architectural apparatus of the good, one of the most important Italian pictorial cycles of the Baroque period. The course is developed in five immersive experiences, which combine entertainment and learning: “Andrea Pozzo Racconta”, “Virtual Barocco”, “Explorando Infinitum”, “History of Anamorphism” and “The wonders of painting”. Thanks to them, the visitor will be able to learn about Andrea Pozzo, one of the most famous perspective painters of the Baroque age, to explore the pictorial techniques used for the perspective rendering of the fresco cycle and to live the cult building in an immersive way.

Infinitum is open on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 10.00am to 1.00pm and 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

Info and reservations: Itur s.c., tel. +39 0174 553 069, mail.,

    Art, beauty and an enchanting landscape: this is From below up! Thanks to the collaboration between the Cuneese and Kalatà ATLs, outdoor and culture lovers have finally the chance to enjoy the landscape and architectural beauties offered by this splendid area. In fact, at the IAT Office in Mondovì it is possible to rent comfortable ebikes, with which to visit the historic city center and explore the surrounding hilly area, reaching, with a few easy rides, goods such as the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, the Civic Tower of the Belvedere and the Ceramics Museum and enjoying postcard views.

Info: Mondovì IAT Office, tel. +39 0174 330 358, mail.

What’s on in Mondovì

Mondovi, is considered the capital of hot air balloons thanks to its particular territorial and climatic conditions, it is an ideal point to undertake tourist flights of other times. Mondovì has its roots in the Middle Ages and lives a present from the rich artistic heritage in which the gothic of the origins and the baroque coexist, the result of the restyling of the city. The surrounding area is home to the province’s main ski area, natural parks, caves, spas, archaeological excavations.

Today Mondovì is reflected in the new funicular put into service in 2006 and designed by Giugiaro that connects the Piazza district to the Breo district.

The heart of Mondovì Piazza is Piazza Maggiore, the central square which is the original nucleus of the city. This part of the city is located on the Monte Regale hill and here you can visit many important monuments such as the eighteenth-century cathedral of San Donato ant the seventeenth-one dedicated to San Francesco Saverio. It important to note that in Mondovì Piazza there is also a synagogue and many important architectures such as the Belvedere tower, the Governor’s palace, palazzo Fausine, casa Jacod and the old theater, which is currently not accessible. Your visit of Mondovì should start just from this point, full of history and charm, from the Belvedere you can enjoy an astonishing view on the Langhe and on the Alps.

Piazza Maggiore

Breo is the lower part of the city and it is actually the commercial centre, here you can find shops, but also important works of art. Walking along the ancient Contrà Granda and Contrà Longa is a perfect union between shopping and culture. Contrà Granda starts in via Cottolengo where is located the church of San Filippo (one of the Baroque jewels of Mondovì) and the ex-hospital of San Francesco, currently seat of the Polytechnic.  Go at the end of via della Meridiana and reach piazza San Pietro, joining point of Contrà Longa and Contrà Granda, where arises the massive church of San Pietro e Paolo, built in 1489. The ancient Contrà Longa starts here, in via Sant’Agostino, pedestrian area and ideal place to go shopping. Here overlooks via della Funicolare, the ex-church of Santo Stefano, where are held local art exhibitions and the church of Sant’Agostino. Go straight to via Piandellavalle up to piazza S. Maria Maggiore and proceed through the arches in Corso Statuto where from the Madonnina bridge  you can see the small waterfalls of the Ellero river. Corso Statuto is the seat of the city hall and if you go along uo till the end of this street you will reach piazza Martiri della Libertà with the children fountain, which welcomes you to Mondovì. From via Marconi you will reach Piazza Cesare Battisti and you will end your ring path of Mondovì in Piazza San Pietro.

The funicular is very easy to find thanks to the illuminated path which cross the streets of Breo up to the station.

The funicolar


In Mondovì is produced the Rakikò, an aromatic liquor invented in 1924 in the cellars of the historical Comino confectionery, where is still possible see the original parchment with the story.
The corn pastries are crunchy and golden biscuits based on stone-ground corn flour that embody the confectionery tradition of the city.

Another typical product of the local gastronomy is the Bala d’asu, a boiled round-shaped sausage made of beef, donkey and pork, sold either sliced ​​or whole.

Among the characteristic objects of the city to be purchased there are certainly the ceramic plates decorated with the rooster and the mini- hot air balloons, which are found in almost all the patisseries along with the Monregalese pralines, with a heart of chocolate with rhum embellished with meringue waffles, similar with cuneesi with rum.

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