In Casa Aprile truffles are the king

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In the footsteps of the historian trifolao Lidio Trucco, his daughter Luciana and her husband Mario Agostino, now with their heir Stefano, have given life to the company Tartufi & Co.

The passion for truffles is the mark of the family: from the famous  “trifolao” of Alba Lidio Trucco it was handed down to his daughter Luciana and her husband Mario Aprile, up to her nephew Stefano. Luciana and Stefano have turned their passion and competence into a real mission, starting an activity that in 2016 celebrated ten years of success. Mario Aprile, with his Tartufi & Co., has in fact been designated as the official truffle supplier to the Palace of the Monegasque Prince, outclassing the producers who for years have been his competitors as suppliers to the Ranieri. Mario Agostino Aprile is the president of the Trifulau Association of Alba. At 61, he enjoys his retirement as a teacher by going through the woods and making it clear that you can’t live only of truffles, but giving up that passion for him would be like dying. Together with their son Stefano and his wife Luciana, they are the owners of Tartufi & co, the company located in the historic centre of Alba that sells mushrooms and truffles, offering its customers only original ingredients and sauces with an unmistakable taste. In addition to the retail trade of the precious tuber, you can also find textiles, clothing, books, CDs, household items, gadgets and items related to truffles, food and beverages. The commitment of this family business is to bring the white truffle of Alba on the tables of the fans to make the dishes unique and to make them taste the unmistakable flavour. The high professionalism and competence of the staff guarantees buyers a product of the highest quality and convenience. At Tartufi & Co. you can buy the following products: white truffle oil for raw seasoning, fresh summer truffle, porcini mushroom and white truffle sauce, truffle honey, truffle butter for first and second courses, truffle salt for original seasonings, sliced ​​truffle, whole truffle and truffle granules. This shop is confirmed as the reference point for those who want to buy the precious truffles of Alba at an excellent value for money, but it is worth a visit just to better appreciate the world of truffle hunters. Stefano, Mario and Luciana are always ready to tell the many beautiful stories of tradition.

A long tradition is the strong point of the company

Truffles & co. relies on a long tradition and an in-depth knowledge of all truffle species thanks to the experience of Lidio, known and appreciated  trifolau from Alba, who began fifty years ago to look for truffles on the Langa and Roero hills, finding magnificent specimens, who have reached the most regal tables in the world. Now Lidio’s skills have passed down to Luciana and Stefano, who continue the family tradition with commitment and seriousness, maintaining a close relationship of trust with local truffle hunters who supply the company with the best specimens found in the area. Truffles & co. is thus able to offer throughout the year a careful selection of all types of truffles of the best species, white and black, both fresh and preserved, quickly reaching each recipient with fast and effective expeditions.

A careful selection of fresh and preserved quality products

Truffles of every species, but in particular those white of Alba precisely because they belong to the world of mushrooms, are particularly delicate and need careful selection before being placed on the market to be consumed. Truffles & co. in the daily relationship with the local trifolau with whom it purchases the truffles, it is particularly attentive to this type of product and, thanks to its widespread distribution, is able to offer a product that is always fresh, capable of reaching the tables within a few days , with the fragrance of perfumes and organoleptic qualities intact, as required by this particular fruit of the earth. Thanks to the richness of the Langa and Roero hills, Tartufi & co. offers the best white truffles of Alba, the Tuber magnatum Pico, the king of truffles, but is also able to procure many species of black truffles, from the Tuber Aestivum to the highly prized Tuber Melanosporum, from the Tuber Macrosporum to the particular Tuber Moscatum. Each period of the year is accompanied by different types of truffles, all capable of meeting the needs of consumers: Truffles & co. he knows their characteristics and qualities well, and searches for the best examples for each of them.

To guarantee the availability of truffles throughout the year, Truffles & co. it uses qualified artisan laboratories for the processing of its preserved products, to which it directly supplies the truffles to be processed, then following the entire preparation process. This is how excellent quality products were born, ranging from truffle individually preserved to truffle-rich creams, to local gastronomy products enriched with various species of truffles. From the line dedicated to the black summer truffle, available in carpaccio, in cream and in brine, to that one, today more than ever of topicality, focused on the white truffle of Alba: this is the perfect time to visit the store, finding fresh product to updated quotes and a dedicated product line. Tartufi & Co. supplies ready-to-eat delicacies: 90% white truffle cream and black and white mixed truffle cream. Excellent spread on croutons for tasty aperitifs, perfect as a condiment for strictly fresh pasta, inviting with egg, these creams give new aromas and flavours when accompanied with cheeses. In this regard, it is recommended that the owners suggest the best combinations with local products that surround the protagonist of the store between the supplied shelves of Tartufi & co .: it is worth organizing for the guided tastings in the store, which are carried out for groups of at least ten people.

In addition to the sale of these products, the company Tartufi & Co allows you to live a unique experience by providing its trusted truffle hunters for those who want to experience the thrill of looking for truffles in the beautiful woods of the Piedmont Region. The search is guaranteed every day and at any time according to the needs of the client and the trifolau and the weather conditions.

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