“Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy” on display in Asti

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A journey through the secret and little known Normandy, inspiring- muse of great artists, until February 16th 2020 at Palazzo Mazzetti.

After the great success of the Chagall exhibition, “Colour and magic”, ended last February 3rd, which welcomed about 46,908 visitors, thanks to a project shared with Vittorio Sgarbi, an exceptional corpus of 75 works, that tells the impressionist movement and its ties with Normandy, has reached Palazzo Mazzetti in Asti on September 13th .

On the stage of this land, painters such as Monet, Renoir, Delacroix and Courbet – on display together with many others – capture the immediacy and vitality of the landscape, imprinting on the canvas the moods of the sky, the glitter of water and the Normandy verdant valleys, cradle of Impressionism.

Thanks to the Asti Museums Foundation, the exhibition “Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy. Masterpieces from the Peindre en Normandie Collection”, curated by Alain Tapié, traces the main stages of the artistic movement. You will admire works such as Cliffs near Dieppe (1834) di Delacroix, The Beach at Trouville (1865) by Courbet, Camille at the beach (1870) and Boots on the Beach at Étretat (1883) by  Monet, Sunset, view of Guernesey (1893) by Renoir – these are only few of the masterpieces on display, which  tell of the exchanges, comparisons and collaborations of the greatest of the time that – immersed in a striking nature with intense colours and sparkling panoramas – have given Normandy the emblematic image of the happiness of painting .An exhibition project that focuses on the heritage of the Peindre Collection in Normandy, one of the most representative collections of the Impressionist period, alongside works from the Alphonse-Georges-Poulain Museum in Vernon, the Marmottan Monet Museum in Paris and the Bemberg Foundation in Toulouse.

It was English watercolourists like Turner and Parkes who, crossing the English Channel to abandon themselves to the study of landscapes, transmitted their ability to translate truth and natural vitality to French painters: the English speak of Normandy, of its light, of its rich forms that enhance the senses and the visual experience. Places like Dieppe, the Seine estuary, Le Havre, the beach of Trouville, the coast from Honfleur to Deauville, the port of Fécamp – represented in the works on display at Palazzo Mazzetti – become the source of artistic expressions of great power, where microcosms generated by the wind, the sea and the mist they possess a physical, intense and expressive personality, of which the French painters come to grasp by painting in the air, creating in this way the Impressionist movement.

The exhibition is organised by the Asti Museums Foundation, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Asti , the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Asti, in collaboration with the Ponte – Organization für kulturelles management GMBH, organized by Arthemisia, with the participation of the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti and with the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino.

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Monet and the Impressionists in Normandy

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